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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Let me say it; let me speak my heart out. Finally, I have to say, what I feel. What I seek. How am I and how do I see myself. This article for sure is my life changer; It is a complete judgment of my own self. In an attempt to explain the self, I put forth this with honesty and desire to help for betterment and unfold the truths that were buried in my deep soul. It’s a challenge to bring the best out of me and uncover know-how’s of me.

 I, the most complicated I thought, that most powerful I thought. An illusion that my feelings were powerful, what I felt was never felt by anyone around me, I grew with such mindset and attitude. Soon maturity introduced me to the world that has everything, good, evil, pain, love and a lot more which were mostly indistinguishable. I grew with questions in mind, like what is that makes me special, or am I already special. Stead fast in running made me think I was going to be a good athlete. Childhood of mine, went superbly well with parental love not losing any ounce. Yet my brain, reminded me that I have some special attribute. Not ordinary anymore. That was one phase that passed.

Let me say what I’m at first. I look ordinary, but I have brains to simplify the most complicated issues of life. I seem to be ignoring type, but I have immense desire to befriend everyone around. I look clumsy and weird at talk, it is only my inner most desire to befriend people always fail me with words and turn to a weirdo sometimes, not that I’m really clumsy at talk. My communication skills are pretty good. My respect for fellow humans never goes down despite their bad deeds; something limits me off from hating them any further. Feeling of hating someone gives an impression of evil myself.

I seem to misunderstand what others have shared, yet I would be giving utmost thought to it to know them better. I seek care from others. When I don’t get it, I used to get upset. I managed to change my attitude in that respect. I easily overcome the feeling of not having something which I always wanted. Things happened to me, I learned them along the way, how to overcome. It is so easy when you have a little attitude of your own. I like the way I think, for instance, I receive and listen more often than I advice or suggest, although I save only that is useful and trash the garbage.  Then I speak and transmit, to who are dejected and feeling unworthy. I hate to be negative, yet I agree with negativity of others for getting their likes. Not that I want to agree with their idea. I have a very few friends, but I never feel so, because you see that kind of people I’m friends with. Few best in the world, my world, gives me a feeling of having more than thousand friends. Always connected, do I really need more? My talent is capability of speaking, urge to communicate, ability to change thought, adjusting attitude. Most of them are subjective, rather than objective. People believe in me. Believe in me with utmost respect. I will be busy in keeping their faith up on me for most of the time. I do fail however sometimes. I regret. For things I should have done, yet I feel proud of what I have become today. Today remains my best place. I believe in people’s love. Others like me for what I’m. The way I respect them, make them share what they feel.

Academics; Interestingly a failure, but in others mind, I have always been a successful pro. Never had I felt successful though, it is opposite feeling that have of it. But career, I never gave up on it. Dad’s faith or my own fear itself, driven me to keep the scores high. I believe however, academics taught me life more than studies; I wouldn’t have cared if I had been super scholar, but I do care for it made me an ordinary scholar with superbly structured understanding towards life. Its not what I had in curriculum, it’s what I had in piggybank of life during time of academics that mattered.

This is a big deal though.  A new passion that has been emerged lately; I love writing. Immense desire to write articles I possess. Others do like my articles. I like to write what I feel inside. In the due time I improved in skill. Coming from the worst side of me, I can measure how much change I have created till day. I never found myself as ordinary, in this aspect. There is something intriguing about it.

I have love for fashion. Being trendy is what I like to appear every day. Artistic galleries, new designs attract me. Well who doesn’t like to wear a new pair of shoes? Or a new hair style; in my case, it feels like I had left a passion of not being a fashion designer in some way, but not so strongly enough. But that essence carried along the way. I always want to look trendy. No matter how old I become. I have to be trendy even if I become a grandpa someday.

Love, another important game of life as I see, so much that is has be in giving instead of receiving; Much of it I understood from the way my family, and friends treated me. They showed how it feels inside, when one is treated with love and care. And I believe there are forms of love. Often people fall in love, so as I did. But not all things go in the way you think or intended to be. Actually it is a decision of two not one. If one fails, other fails by its very nature. One must move on, when things are unachievable. But it did teach me how to be receptive to life’s good and bad. Life must sometimes be simplified and moved on to next phase, nothing is perfect after all. Being receptive is what is living as I believe in. As living with perfection!

So far so good; Things momentarily change. Once believed correct seems mysteriously wrong another time, my opinions do change because of my attitude adjustment. Like many I’m confused about many aspects of life, but do like getting the answers for many questions, but not at the expense of my immense thinking and tormenting my own brain though. Let them come, while living anyway. Delaying or postponing happiness is the most ridiculous thing I can ever see. Who knows better what happens next? Live on. There are no rules to live life after all.

Finally it is about goals and passions. There is always a little detail I needed to fill in what is that my passion is. Searching through it my heart is what I do all day long. Someday I find it, and that defines me better than any words I put in. I hope and I believe in it, strongly as ever!  Thanks a great deal! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

End of semester

A semester comes to an end. It also means end of regular classes, labs, canteen food intakes, regular bunking to the class and the most important one, funny moments with friends.  It is surprising that, most days of our lives seem mediocre and quiet ordinary, but finally when the day comes where we are compelled to shift the gears of life; then memories of those days appear closer and more cherishable. It took this entire semester for me to learn new things and new skills. In fact, each semester of B.tech had taught me one big deal of a thing in its own way. Hardly have I remembered anything as much as I remember the 7th semester of engineering. Hard it is to explain what part of it has transformed me, but I love to recall its head to tail details that introduced me to a very different number of things that I hardly expected.

 It all had started with the name of classes which had clashes mostly with the placement time. Prestigious college is mine, as it termed has it already intimated companies coming by the month of august, that’s when the mid exams of that semester were about to begin. Discussions soon had begun with placement being a big confusion as which company comes first and which one’s next. Placement officers and coordinators were amongst who had most of the confusion, announced each student gets to choose only one company as it was a recession time. Big time sucks! All the hopes went down, and the feeling of top most college student get to choose only company was the fact that hurt most of the students. Somehow, we got over it. Companies came by, threw away a mixture of feelings, one being tough at written exams and the other being rigorous at interviews, yet all remained IT firms. Rejected were dejected, selected were elated. Partying started after, at first  reason being happy for getting the job, next it all ended as a tradition for securing jobs. Happiness became a piece of banality for that matter. Other side of it was incessantly running classes and lab sessions. Attending English lab was pure fun, as unlike the other labs of my engineering, english lab appeared something built for me. Regular classes remained unimportant, as they were most of the time overshadowed by placements. The semester also remained as a big time for students, as they really needed to stand against their decision of higher studies and some had to risk taking chances to stay off the placements. Then comes my time, I got placed into one too. The feeling of getting selected into companies was finally taken over me for an instance, also faded away soon as the days have gone far off my interview day.

Finally, time has changed; it had to shift all our thought from joyous moment to thoughts of exam. Which was by far the most difficult job than the job that pays highest of salaries in my college. It was a change from choosing which restaurant for partying to which book for studying. Only saving grace we had was number of subjects this time was 6 unlike previous semesters always had 8 subjects, with our broken interest we couldn’t have managed to take more than that. All thanks to the curriculum designers for that matter. It was this semester I saw for the first time many in my college were not sincere nor seriously dedicated and a little reluctant about studies. This was one aspect I didn’t get to see until this semester. That’s why I see this semester as a life changer. 

However, I did well in the end exam which is something I should stress a little as it was more unlikely in my case during the journey of engineering.All in all, semester has put an end to my standard engineering life style, also has set up a new beginning for the near future. It has crossed a line between dreadful 2012 and fresh start of 2013. Unsure whether the world ends this year, but sure a new world would begin for me and my friends from 2013. Lets welcome a fresh start. All the best mates! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Caught by the surprise

I fell sick last night abruptly. After brainstorming for a while I realized the reason for my suffering came from watching a movie that morning. Sounds strange, isn't it? But true. I watched a movie made in pure south Indian style, which had a bountiful of drama that killed me bit by bit both mentally and physically. Going by its meaningless story-line, irrelevant characters, unorthodox dialogues made me quiet exhaustive for the day and took me two days to feel normal again. And not to mention its inconclusive climax daunted me twice in my dreams. Initially, I was a bit surprised by the fact weather a movie can make one sick, but then I concluded its possibility when finally my friend too fell sick later by  the other movie.  He too was tormented brutally by a cinematic influence on his mind. Thanks to directors for that matter.

I may be so hard on with this description of movies, yet it is only because I’m still a movie-goer, still like spending time in watching movies. Not a die-hard fan of movies though. I make it to a point that the cinema making today has shrunk to different level, to a different approach, to a different intention of direction and productions, where the difference has struck to just film making, not to provide entertainment. Entertainment which is the very need for the audience went missing or long forgotten by the filmmakers. I’m not proclaiming at any point how a film should be made, nor do I know anything regarding that. As a layman I seek entertainment, at least much worth the ticket price I paid for, if not less to it. Yet I seek not as a way of risking to ruin my mental exhilaration nor do I wish to deteriorate the thoughts I preserve. Nor I want to let them prevail in my dreams.

 Wishing to grant entertainment in movies, I now sign off!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Masterpiece in hand.

It is 7 o clock in the morning, alarm on phone buzzing loud enough to bring another new day to life from whatever the deadly, otherwise a romantic dream I was set  in, my hands involuntarily fish for buzzing phone immediately, pressing snooze button rather accurately. Finally, I open eyes with the sight being my cell phone screen from the first minute of the day, curious to know number of messages and calls I received during the sleep hours, not to mention this but from gals in particular. Sometimes a number of unread messages inject confidence in me, although I can’t reason this phenomenon rationally. However I understate the statement of cellphone defining my mood of the day by the number of messages I received. Following this up, hardly I leave the cell phone far from reach, as though it is a part of my body. I take it upstairs where I put it for charging followed by morning chores, never I understood the reason I charge my cellphone upstairs, not downstairs instead. As though my cell phone has  a vicinity for my further living, I dare not to go beyond it, I carry it quiet freakishly till date. I charge it up until it promptly says “Battery full, please remove the power socket”, I humbly unplug the phone, then slip it into my pocket, move on to the next phase of the day, fully charged as though my purpose of the day has already been half fulfilled.

Cellphone is considered a prestige issue for some, for a few like me however cell phone is still a need, whatsoever indignity I exhibit for carrying a cheaper phone amid my fellow smart phone users, I therefore still look a phone as a phone. As a means of communication in other words. A gadget that connects two, far at distance, more precisely. But evolution took place in no time, cellphone era has altered the life style of generation, in brief amounts. As I remember once playing as a kid along with my neighborhood kids, today I see kids only playing with NFS car on cellphones or least a SNAKE PARK as a part of their recreational activity. In parties we see more people on phones than in interactivity. Friendships are often made through text messages, less in person. Textual relations are what we are holding up to. We became least bothered to give away our own life, while chatting over cellphone and driving a vehicle, knowing fully it is hazardous and life-taking. We learned to navigate through the fullfledged features of a high priced phone, yet we still seem to be forgotten common sense and away from perception of highly valuable things in life.

I have nothing against cell phone, except for the matter of radiation it causes. I’m a great admirer of technology otherwise. Technology is always irreproachable.  How we, as end users use it is what matters in the end. Being brilliant beings, we cannot let technology rule the roost, which we ourselves invented for our own comfort and ease of connectivity. One press on button can reach us anywhere in the world. Considering bygone era,  I wonder how they had survived their generation without such invention. With all more pros than cons, a cell phone always stuck to our pocket would possibly stays for the time we eat, chat, sleep, walk whatever the professional or unprofessional activity we are involved in. Hatsoff to this masterpiece of invention! But in the end its our responsibility to save it not only from its theft also to hold its value upright in our society. Given its access to the world, it leaves a choice of purpose. You might call an ambulance to a save a life, or send a rumor message on a religious killings to violate social harmony. Choice will always be in our hands. Vividly speaking, choices lie in our end attitude towards the technology. Having said a little about this tiny gadget, I end this article on an informative note here. One might have used cellphone, none around seems to be aware of its inventor’s name, I'm no exclusion either . Yet since I have gone about this article I've found this person through  Google as inventor by name. Martin Cooper (born December 26, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois, USA). Thanks to this wonderful man. With all faith in Google. I now sign off !

Monday, October 8, 2012

Glitters at end

Like a blip you came across my path, like on a spree of amazement I was unexpectedly put across

Spoken those cheerful words, showered more invaluable angelic smiles than I deserved

Brought me up to that level of pure contentment, taught a thousand things I aspire to live on!

Then made me collapse into shattered human, then gave the time to regain what I am.

Mistakes I made were made vague to vivid, that’s when I started seeing a picture of my own in front.

Washed away that malign in me, eagerly hurried to show you what I’m uptill,

Yet you sailed away by then, a residual in me remained that always shine with glitters at end!! 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

There is this thing in all of us

There is this thing in all of us
In a moment of abundance, we neglect, start being feckless
When many surround being close, never we see care
We love so deep, yet often fail to see who deserve

There is this thing in all of us
But walking alone a day; we realize how hard it is to stay!
When we see needy cry, we pity so high
Then forget we are blessed, gifted with so much best

There is this thing in all of us
Happiness is our zeal, yet we make reasons to appeal, that money brings that feel
 Materialize everything, criticize if not our thing!
We choose to be rich and neglect how to enrich

There is this thing in all of us
We weep over days, for the lost moment always
We put up into fight, for reasons that are no right
We think before love, delaying it from now
When lost if form our hands, we think of it how?
There is this thing in all of us!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

September almighty

So here we are in September now. September bring us that happiness and joy along with spring, more importantly those powerful god ganesha’s blessings.  We celebrate the lord ganesha’s birthday with all that traditional style and ethnics. Several ganesh-mandaps can be seen all across the city, which is a revelation of huge number of worshippers of god ganesha. Bringing this eternal deity closer to our home, we immerse ourselves in a deeply -divine hobbies for a near eleven days. Next to this, follows the mesmerizing event of ganesh immersion which looks a perfect ending to this wonderful festival followed by a rather different story next day on the pollution caused due the immersion process. However, this story would be long forgotten the very next day, until this time around large goddess durgamata immersions take place, which is a follow up festival that resembles ganesh chavithi. Keeping the damage control activities aside, I want to give out a few fascinating or likely facts how things actually go around with this festival. I stay in the area where it is blessed with congestion, those narrow lanes which often be visualized easily once if you had watched SLUM DOG MILLIONIARE movie. All thanks to the director who lessened my burden for my place description. Often the place always look crammed, must say, everybody is a strong devotee or a strong believer of at least one of the gods or goddesses. I wonder if there are any atheists left over in this world anymore. Now considering everybody’s incredible faith in god, people at my place desperately like installing ganesh mandaps all over. Blocking away one full lane for eleven days, not leaving any narrow space, one that is never considered as a trouble for by passers for eleven days long. Some lanes would be stuffed with too many mandaps in a row, where the devotional music from one mandap interfering with another, resulting out a fusion of acoustic that might still slightly make an aesthetic sense in everyone’s ear drum. Blaring with blend of music and chaotic scenes everywhere, yet the prayers and love for the god stands outside the box, never a sense of impassion could be seen in any of the corners. Filled with love and divinity, people across generously supply huge donations in the name of chandas which are a form of collected donation, others who are less fortune will supply with whatever they have at homes, while some sponsor Prasad for puja others would offer their full-fledged services. Air of unity gets created around every mandap. As the days pass, it gets hard to digest the fact that every mandap has to be dismantled on 11th day every ganesh idol has be moved away and immersed into the tankbund, a lake which Hyderabad is gifted with. And the 11th day is bliss. Crowd looks all nostalgic with chores for the final day ceremony filling their schedule all up. With the band barath being the most joyous moment, every set of genre in drumming must be played and shaken a leg to. With all joy and pompous celebration, we bid farewell to the mighty god of intelligence, saving all the devotion within, saying goodbye to September! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rainy dream

When the plain sheet of paper looks upon me and shines brightest,

Pen in hand urges for its use, while I was dreaming something I never planned any further to do,

Then I hear, rain smashing fiercely on the roof!

Noise from roof creating a panicky face on my neighbors’ face, being one among them I settled to observe the fate.

Next to this blaring TV anchors reveals the killings by the deadly weather,

Prayers shivered on the mighty to calm the rainy soul by the spiritual teams,

But rain denied the requests and acted so unkind, leaving many destitute, causing damage mostly to the poor

Frightened beings gave up to the god, believing to the fullest, assuming they deserve to live

Cursed those who lost, victimized, by this unkindly act, but nothing counted as they were crumbs of nature’s act.
Rescued were some from the last breaths, who witnessed death still lucky to live further a span stretch!

That’s when revere set down and I came off from that deadly dream!

Soon I penned it down altogether as a request for peace,

Wishing never ever rain gets angry upon us, like it’s a worthy wish that can save all the souls!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

You never know what I'm really like

You never know what I’m really like!

You never know how deep I think; of the words you used to say!

You never know who I always been thinking of; when I’m lone and broken down!

You never know how high I can fly; to get your sight on every plight!

You never know what I'm really like!

You never know who I love the most; every breath that last till my death!

You never know who I always choose; to walk along to sing a song.

You never know how far go; when you hold, my hand fully bold!

You never know what I'm really like!

You never know where you stay; in my deepest heart that you never see!

You never know how my days would go; when you leave, with a shrinking smile,

You never know what I’m really like, what I really like! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My visit to the sports complex

Magical moments come our way mysteriously, teach us something in life. Once a visit to sports complex of my college changed my thoughts and opened doors to new beliefs. My visit to sports complex in college had taught me not just a game of table tennis, but more than what I would have missed out without playing that game. In my college, table tennis was treated like fun sport or only available sport otherwise.  Witnessing a few folks on first day, who were pouring out their skill on every shot, I was startled and envied every bit of talent they displayed. I was fascinated by the accuracy in their shots and deeply fell in love with the game format. Finally, I gripped the bat for the first time, with weak arms and untrained mind. Quiet obviously my foul shots at the beginning didn’t surprise me much, since I was well aware of my lack of skill in the game and didn’t give much attention to it afterwards. Of more such I failed countless shots, where one or two of my good shots occurred were either by chance or by only pure luck, but never through my participation or whatever substance required for a skillful game. Then I thought next coming days I would be picking up slowly with my game style and learn it smoothly soon. Second day however was a replay of first day, in fact, next days after were all same although I was looking for a bit of improvement, progress never appeared even as meager amount. Soon, I understood the difficulties in the game and also my novice level was hard on to stand with sensible players I tried playing with. Very next few days I gave up on thinking about my game style, instead, thinking of improvement in game sounded like a goose chasing idea after a reasonable amount of frustration. But playing gave me full fun and joy.  

My level of skill didn’t matter to me much since I was no ambitious to become a veteran player, nor was I planning then to participate in world class competition. Yet I played on for just pure fun and amusement, and paid a regular visit to the sports complex as though it was one of my customs. Days went by; I was stuck to playing for days long or weeks far. Often, I appeared more in sports complex than in my academic classes. In fact, that’s how 2nd year of my college has been consumed up, with full fun and joy. It had been almost a year now since after that I felt my hands being a bit trained. I had almost learned of how not to make mistakes and wrong hand movements. A slight hint of realization occurred to me, that I actually didn’t feel the way I did on my first day. I was playing rather a different game after a year and half period. This time it wasn’t the sport I found amusing, but seeing me change! That change in my game style. That change in my approach towards the same game I had thought I never would make progress.

But that was a fallacy. I was a bit surprised to see myself playing rather many good shots, so did my friends, who witnessed me playing once in a while. There was a hint of perfection I was seeking everyday by playing a day further and further, which had been oblivious from the day one however. Coming to present, today I account myself as a decent player if it doesn’t sound much too conceited. Nonetheless, whether people account me as a good player or not, that difficulty I felt on first day is still fresh in my mind. Considering that day, I involuntarily made a good deal of progress as the days passed by. I crossed the bar of difficulty I felt first day. Finally I made progress. This created a new belief. Now you might wonder what miracle had happened so far. What point did I make to make an article worth reading? You might as well find me silly and trying to make a big deal out of such an ordinary occasion. To be honest I was only trying to introduce who my opponent was all this along in my journey. Perhaps you would have wondered who I had been accompanied with for so long while playing. Which person would have teamed up with me for a near 2 years long period almost regularly? There in fact, lies just one person behind this entire occurrence, one person who stood along with me, one person I had been watching change. Yes, it is me! I had no strong opponent but myself, who taught me how to play. It’s that opponent inside of me who I always tried to out win. That’s how the change has occurred and persisted. Up till, neither was I talking about my progress in table tennis nor was I talking about my personal experience. Glory in watching oneself changing is rather inexplicable and blessing. It gives an overwhelming ecstasy, but at the cost of regular battle with that opponent. In schools, we were taught about legendary figures, but little had we taught how to become one.  We were taught the most complicated courses, but little had we taught of how to learn the courses. But we involuntarily start being regular with them out of fear, out of respect, out of joy or out of intense ambition, whatever the feeling that takes us along. We learn them in the end. Finally emotions are our best teachers. They teach us regularity. Regularity creates the change. Change creates new beliefs in oneself. New beliefs are self assuring emotions that help us to achieve new things we dreamt of. So, watch out your emotions, they sure have something in there to teach you! Perhaps something dream fulfilling; Don’t ever ignore them! They have power to create a miraculous destiny!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Difference is just in a NOW and a THEN

Friendly and handy were things at once, 

Deadly and risky they looked all at next!

Simple and happy were people appeared at first,

Hard and complicated they turned while I was thinking they 

are at their best

Once taught by rhymes and pieces of lyrics at the school

Next was learning made through pains, by being made into 


Been cared too far once upon a time

Now ignored and thrown when needed nothing of mine

No wonder what happens next time after soon

Only a difference is in just a now and a then, call it bane or

an elusive boon!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Reservation beast!

Reservation!  A system for which I can’t stop being against for a life long time. It is the worst thing that has crawled up into our system, as a political entity but not just a mere help for the needy. To bank the votes, reservation has been a weapon for many politicians, who just not bothered to think over the shortcomings in future, to top it off, they start hiding faces during the time of protest. Reservation is more or less like a segregation of social class, whether or not they are enough people to see in that perspective and protest against it. I believe today, protest against reservation is not too strong enough because who are benefited are living up silently and who took the blow are ones who raise a voice over it, but majority seems to be the ones who benefited, resulting a weaker protest. Furthermore, if beneficiaries are more, protesters are less, which is what still keeps the reservation system alive. But one must also see the consequences of such benefits. Overlooking it, we are dreading such an outcome of quality that can evaluate only under the segregation but not as a whole. As Indians we all claim we leading a brotherly living with different classes and cultural diversities, but aren’t we all pushing ourselves down in the name of reservation. I wonder if there would be an emerging new class of people who claim to say belonging to unreserved class. I disapprove the reservation system first for the fact it raises a caste dissimilarities, which we always have to be oblivious and forgetful about such barriers. Calling attention to caste dissimilarity is no less than accounting and exaggerating the differences between ourselves. Fact that reservation has been introduced initially based on caste was since some social classes in society were leading a backward life and many were destitute. But things have changed in the mean time, we are so assorted now today that none is poor based on caste anymore, instead, there two left out classes in society. Poor and rich! Reservation further supports rich and deteriorates poor. Rich indulges more and more where as poor endures and strive for the basic necessities. So the reservation based on caste is purely political entity today. In fact, we are well aware that how political parties are cashing away and luring the people for vote, by using the caste as prey. We certainly need leaders of people, but not politicians of caste minded. We need rulers who win the hearts, not votes. System has certain flaws, Reservation based on caste is one of them weather we agree or not today, one day surely we will! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love by me!

My topic of love is not as in that with parents or any conventional blood relationship but the prevalent one which the most discussed topic lately in the period of young age without fail. I have no clear thought of writing an article of this importance, but at the very end I’m attempting to write about it as to gain as much skill as I intend to. After all, I gained no experience of love nor I had a story of love to explain in brief and drive it emotionally all along. But as the world is engulfed by the essence of love all over, we tend to gain a little knowledge soon which driven me to put a few words this way

Often we see parents tend to get very cautious about more than anything else but the matter of love of their children. Their overcautious thinking might lead to a destructive decision or a wonderful choice if a sheer chance of luck still plays their way. Yet before they think upon they must not forget they have given birth to children of heart, not just a mind that top entrances under a voluntary pressure.

There are indeed some who play con games in the name of love which becomes a fearing reason of disapproval from the parents. No way can such cheating mind sets be purified until one tends to know the value of their own feeling of love.  There are some who elope from home and live a life away from parents who are against their love. But how many of such ran off cases have been leading a happy life truly and how many are succumbing to devastating life? Question should be left to love that caused such innocent decision without the forethought. Maturity of mind does all the talking in that aspect of agitating parents. Parents however are ones who had indeed once fallen or failed in love whether or not they admit it publicly.

Surprisingly none can give clear cut definition of love even who are truly drowned over by love couldn’t come up with same definition. Falling in love is a privilege and fighting for it is a right of life, I think as a social animal I have that much right to make one such statement about love.

Claiming by many sacred books and ancient stories, love is a feeling which uncommonly dominates everything in the world. Humans have got feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, happiness, hatred, jealousy which are most commonly seen but, love stands out of all. Standardized dictionaries define love as a strong feeling of liking for someone. Yet I believe everybody will have his or her own definition of it and everyone has his own meaningful terminology in their own dictionary. But to those who are against love mustn’t forget their reason for hatred was born because of nothing else but inexplicable love inside.

Who loves us better than ourselves?  Its in our hands, weather to live it up with the essence of love or complicate it by thinking unnecessarily deep enough. After all, we welcome and embrace movies of love. People of young age tend to fall in love as human natural cycle has gifted away. Let us be unconcerned about the definitions. We choose everything, so as whom we love or who we be loved by. Those decisions remain genuine as long as they haven’t taken over by infactuation. Having said love as a mere feeling, we all know it better sooner or later, because it would be placed into minds in one way or other way round. Above all we can’t just live like humans of mind but also heart, because heart plays as much role as mind plays for which love acts as the fuel. Moment that fuel run out we are no more than dead creatures. Aren’t we? 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hear what I'm from within

Hear what I’m from within
When none of us are perfect how can I be cataloged as disabled?

People watch me puzzled, when I attempt like they do
Nothing hurts me deep, except their thought as I’m not their kind

I forget what I’m until pathetic expressions come across
They look down on me with sympathy, though I never failed along  

Hear what I’m from within
Whether or not I sing, I cherish a sweeter voice inside not unveiled 

Though I can’t see, yet I can imagine things in darkness that is unseen
I can’t hear, but I don’t ignore a word they whisper behind their lips

I can’t walk or run as fast as you can, yet I own a soul that can race beyond belief.
I look into the similarities, while dreading one difference million times a day! 

When I can feel everything they know, why can’t I be seen the same?
Before I go unheard please hear what I’m from within!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When I tend to LiE

I tend to lie when they hate to know the truth!
I go to reveal the truth after, but they mistake me as a liar by then soon.

I return home with none believing a word I say.
Feeling mad of what I did, clench my fist with no choice left!

Nothing can I do after much more than watch myself as liar in their sight
Soon after I tend to bury the truths I know.
Afraid that they listen and call me liar or whatever bad they knew!

I remained liar who tend to speak the truth out
And who wouldn't intend to lie when they hate to know the truth

Friday, June 15, 2012

Time post

Every second we spend has its finality; never in life we can live that second again like the way we want to live. Whether was it a misspoken word or an accidental bruise, we cannot undo the second that has already been lapsed. Sometimes a blink of an eye time could cause a disaster or it could create a miracle, nature knows all this better. We are just the time travelers who lack the knowledge of going back to the point of time we had traveled through. If such a time reversal had been possible, all of us would probable stay in those times when we lived a high tide. We would go back in time and start growing all over again. Thought of such a thing’s existence throws an ecstatic feeling isn’t?

Funnily, we all can go back into past with that immense retrieving power of mind and be reminiscent for however long we like to be, but along the way present is consumed and corrupted. Thinking about the past, gives nothing but a drowning present. Time acts like a fuel to live on, like a solace to move on, like a poultice to bury all the grief and scars for which we wince secretly when we are alone. 

Time heals. Isn’t true that every one of us was wounded once in a while and got healed soon after? This healing power of time itself is a miracle for human existence otherwise life succumbs to unhealed pains. As the time passes, we all grow up; get matured every day, every second. Things change beyond our imagination. New relations grow and get buried far too sooner than ever expected. Our own beliefs soon be proved wrong, new ones strike with sense of shock and gradually root deeper to a level we never aware of its existence. All because of time lapse!

Often the things that happen timelessly are not valued enough or disused. Who gets excited to watch an eclipse if it happens every day every hour? Its limitation in its occurrence makes it an important spectacle. So in a way limitation on human life span is paradoxically a gift to a soul, which some are foolishly living too short with absurd suicides, instead of living it up. Man, knowing about his mortality still attempts to kill another. However, in case of evil intrusion, killing is nothing but saving one another.

In a nut shell, everything consumes time. It is in one’s own hand which way he consumes his own time. As the time might both ripen and rot us, we only can travel along with it gaining new experiences and carry sack full of good and bad times. Along the way, our time clock must indissolubly run forever, otherwise healing doesn’t happen, does it?

Monday, June 4, 2012

String of bond

Where did that string of bond go between us?
I saw it strong and subtle but never had I realized how trivial for you it was

Recall we treated everything was near and closer?
But that was like innocence towards our knowingness

Had we ever thought we’d split apart? Way too far?
Well perhaps we dint grow much so enough by that time

Don’t you see the bitterness now?
We can’t play fair today because maturity says it can’t forgive what so happened.

If we are given with that super clock, will you run it back and think over?
I myself halt it there; watch those deeper smiles which were clean and true

Wasn’t that moment clean and green?
We cared for so long, honored while we talk.

Today by kicking all those times, don’t we pretend and disguise?
Didn’t we learn more than just to love? Perhaps that’s how maturity plays

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Gals are vulnerable is what we hear of many a times. But today I find myself threatened and paranoid for picking a topic to write that talks about gals. Not that I have complete idea of gals, but seemly I found rational difference in attitude that drive most guys crazy in a most vulnerable way. For any young gal it becomes stupidly hard for her to walk up on the street without having some ogling eyes set on her. It seems unquestionable for guys to automatically set eyes on someone we are meant to get attracted. It can be seen as a natural occurrence otherwise people are either not straight or they are combating the nature’s law.

Having said they are sensitive, loving, caring, epitomes of love, emotionally driven yet these are the grounds that make their behavior complicated too. If not to their perception, it’d have to be for guys who’d suffer the most to understand the background of one’s attitude. Under such complication, guys are prone to disastrous attitude especially who fall in the live- to- love category. Other is the case of friendship between a gal and boy. It always stands debatable. In the ideology of gal it always being said that it depends on boy’s attitude and so is the view of boy who throws it upon gal’s attitude instead. I support neither at least for the moral of this article; I’d rather be non-judgmental on this occasion.

Friend of mine says gals are strongly born with the power of observation. But one such power cannot ease the difficulty of decision making. May be fighting is not their style of existence. But surely their outplaying power of observation should be well appreciated.  But inhumanity got worsened too far enough to kill the baby gals moment they are born or inside in the state of fetus. Such acts are disgrace to motherly nature. Such denial of gal baby is no more than revelation of mindless thinking.

Going through the life of a gal, she indefinitely needs to be strong to battle choice of decision making. Although they set a castle of dreams they want to achieve, social life has put enough barriers to make them give up their own dreams. Those who outfight those possibilities are ones who equalize themselves. Several of those kinds are seen every day. Rest are not who defeated, yet they are a class of who exemplify the sacrifice.

One must spare a thought before registering an opinion that lowers the gal. Intricacies in their attitude are one that forms out of several bearings and painstaking situations. They are the symbols of love and care not that one that ever known to hurt someone. No matter what relation that bears with them, care is always intended even though for some it is invisible. A creature of sacrifice which desires no wealth but love and care! After all they are the creators of this world.

Even though it is incomprehensive description I feel, that is because of my ignorance towards the topic. My little attempt is not intended to be offensive; rather I tried to broaden my thoughts at every point of this topic.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Buddy to return!

Well time has come to write about friends again. Assuming friends don’t exist. Hard is to imagine life, nothing seems amusing without them, nothing seems delicious in restaurants, no long- ride would be amusing, smallest walk seems longer, cell phones, shopping malls, studies, college life, travel, chatting, millions of such things never  would be found amusing instead everything seems incompletely made in their absence. When we ourselves find boring to live with, they stand on our side and make life exciting and adorable.

Perhaps in our little world they step in to make our lives large enough, larger than one that we live by ourselves, especially those who reach bottom of our heart. Quiet unexpectedly we happen to be friends with some anonymous person, it starts off with cursory greetings in a formal way, initially we sound discreetly respectful which slowly gets vanished with the little acceptance, without consciousness we inevitably become close to each other, never we would care about differences, keeping only common things in mind, knowingness occur slowly, then after comfort of being ourselves will soon be established.

While some walk a few steps long with us, others cease to leave us along the way. While some get along with new ones, others desire to live around us way too longer than just a life span. No matter how long they stick to our life, those footsteps are ever cherished. Ever since we meet, we never would expect at one point of time in life our paths we get separated. But when that time comes we start pondering over how far we miss them. No words would fill their absence. Why hadn’t been it is such a way that once made friends will stay in same place forever? Why the life should be so hard on us sometimes? Why can’t it make a little exception to our closer ones after all? Who on the earth should fill that gap we buried years longer. Who would accompany us through those all rides, movies, shopping, chatting.  Life itself should answer those questions instead of just being brutal.

Little as we thought, the hope of meeting them back again, living such a life again, never dies. Never that togetherness fades away. But how probable is that in these days of brutality? What good would that do by hoping for so long when future alone can decide our fate? Perhaps life can’t see us smiling for much longer period. It throws a full stop for its own choice in the name of change.  If not this way, we should undergo the change in other way. It leaves no escape. Aren’t we all just the pawns being played by supernatural power? Player alone knows which move he has to play next. 

Written in the remembrance of my best friend soofi, who has been so closely bonded to us all these years now has moved to Chennai for his job. Wishing him to come back soon to hyderabad and bang those same amazing days with him again. Cheers buddy! We will save up many big surprises for you and we looking forward to you to join us asap! Saale jaldhi aa warna surprises badjayengey! :P

Thursday, May 24, 2012


DLF IPL, for most the word DLF is unknown yet the word IPL is well known, together they go brilliantly well however. Now this is a topic of discussion in people’s mouth and also the trending topics of twitter seemed to consistently top with IPL subjects in the past couple of months. It’s a perfect piece of entertainment that chills out the evenings of summer. Giving away 60-days long entertainment it also occupies a place of closeness to every class of people. 

Now that has come to an end, it leaves out a great boredom after the final match. Yet those big DLF maximums, unconditional cricketing action still lingers till the next IPL season. Factually IPL is held at a very point of taking the new talent out in the Indian cricket, but never had it become reason for a new talent so far, yet I believe format of T20 is always a piece of entertainment in which a real quality cricketer can never be visible as he is. Meager number of balls makes the game control its players, never giving a chance for player to show his class. 

Now the season 5 has already gotten to a place to celebrate its triumph. Cashing in on IPL hype, media channels have also poured out their best episodes on any tiny controversial issue in IPL. Franchises appeared their best on TV almost every day supporting their own team also leaving a sense of knowingness to the viewer. Most of them would be well recognized for their eternal appearance on television, also for their frantic expressions that followed each match. 

Although, following such a long season has raised a feeling of impatience in the viewers initially, it has struck back soon, caught its hold and drawn full attention from the audience towards its end. Some outstanding performances from players like DeVILLEARS,  GAMBIR, DEAN STEYL and more particularly one that of GAYLE has really topped the flight. He played beyond compare although his team couldn’t make it up to the finals. 

Well Dhoni’s team is knocking down everyone to make into finals, if not his game style, it would be his all time luck that pushes him into finals. Although it seems rather offensive to say so, but certainly he bought more luck than RCB which was well deserved to be in finals. However, it not important which team is taking up the title and which one were knocked out. Supporting one team looks like being a kid in a candy store. For me it seemed absurd to support only one team, so taking the chasing team side was all I did throughout IPL, jumping up during a nail biting finish gives a pleasure of success. Fortunately this season brought us many nail biting finishes. As we are only two matches away from the end of IPL , lets wish the qualified teams for a better luck in finals and hope upcoming matches go interestingly well and stand off the charts.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I believe change is something we cannot accept at first sight. For most of us change is unpleasant, annoying and frustrating. Not for the change that it brings to life, but for what it takes away things that we owned for a long time. For what it is unacceptable to leave something we had accepted completely. It is horribly unacceptable when a close friend leaves for a far place. It is totally depressing to leave people with whom we already made some connection or that formed involuntarily.

It’s funny that plenty of things automatically surround our life style no matter where we stay in. Things creep slowly into our life with a very little acceptance.  How little they seem in the start, soon we let them into our lives and we never know what they really mean to us. They become massive and could only be seen when the time demands us to sacrifice them. The worst part out of all is to sacrifice that we had accepted all the days.   

But none would value the present as long as it is unchanged. Present would shine its best once it has to be kept into past and once future dreads close. Future however is always dreadful when seen under the lens of present. For most of it, present is born from change itself. Unfortunately life is full of changes, many call them challenges, there is nothing like a challenge facing a change. Accepting a change is as easy as pie when there is no finality in it. But every change comes with a full stop to one set of a life style.

Life demands change. Not only it demands, but also it brings out a new person from us who would shine in mirror. While at once change is inconceivably welcoming if such is one of our likings. While the change is harsh and brutal in the cases we have to sacrifice those likings, other is it looks like a pleasantry in the times of suffering.  Yet none would have control over it, instead reacting to it is only what we have all learned today. Such is the human, a reactor of change rather than a controller. Change is inevitable, so as the consequences that it bring up to us. Life without change is unacceptable too. It is made of so many episodes. While some episodes end up tragically, other end up joyfully. Shift from one to one is either delightful or mournful. For who prepare for it is always delightful for who not is always mournful. So forgive the change, accept the change, be the change!