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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Buddy to return!

Well time has come to write about friends again. Assuming friends don’t exist. Hard is to imagine life, nothing seems amusing without them, nothing seems delicious in restaurants, no long- ride would be amusing, smallest walk seems longer, cell phones, shopping malls, studies, college life, travel, chatting, millions of such things never  would be found amusing instead everything seems incompletely made in their absence. When we ourselves find boring to live with, they stand on our side and make life exciting and adorable.

Perhaps in our little world they step in to make our lives large enough, larger than one that we live by ourselves, especially those who reach bottom of our heart. Quiet unexpectedly we happen to be friends with some anonymous person, it starts off with cursory greetings in a formal way, initially we sound discreetly respectful which slowly gets vanished with the little acceptance, without consciousness we inevitably become close to each other, never we would care about differences, keeping only common things in mind, knowingness occur slowly, then after comfort of being ourselves will soon be established.

While some walk a few steps long with us, others cease to leave us along the way. While some get along with new ones, others desire to live around us way too longer than just a life span. No matter how long they stick to our life, those footsteps are ever cherished. Ever since we meet, we never would expect at one point of time in life our paths we get separated. But when that time comes we start pondering over how far we miss them. No words would fill their absence. Why hadn’t been it is such a way that once made friends will stay in same place forever? Why the life should be so hard on us sometimes? Why can’t it make a little exception to our closer ones after all? Who on the earth should fill that gap we buried years longer. Who would accompany us through those all rides, movies, shopping, chatting.  Life itself should answer those questions instead of just being brutal.

Little as we thought, the hope of meeting them back again, living such a life again, never dies. Never that togetherness fades away. But how probable is that in these days of brutality? What good would that do by hoping for so long when future alone can decide our fate? Perhaps life can’t see us smiling for much longer period. It throws a full stop for its own choice in the name of change.  If not this way, we should undergo the change in other way. It leaves no escape. Aren’t we all just the pawns being played by supernatural power? Player alone knows which move he has to play next. 

Written in the remembrance of my best friend soofi, who has been so closely bonded to us all these years now has moved to Chennai for his job. Wishing him to come back soon to hyderabad and bang those same amazing days with him again. Cheers buddy! We will save up many big surprises for you and we looking forward to you to join us asap! Saale jaldhi aa warna surprises badjayengey! :P

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