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Thursday, May 24, 2012


DLF IPL, for most the word DLF is unknown yet the word IPL is well known, together they go brilliantly well however. Now this is a topic of discussion in people’s mouth and also the trending topics of twitter seemed to consistently top with IPL subjects in the past couple of months. It’s a perfect piece of entertainment that chills out the evenings of summer. Giving away 60-days long entertainment it also occupies a place of closeness to every class of people. 

Now that has come to an end, it leaves out a great boredom after the final match. Yet those big DLF maximums, unconditional cricketing action still lingers till the next IPL season. Factually IPL is held at a very point of taking the new talent out in the Indian cricket, but never had it become reason for a new talent so far, yet I believe format of T20 is always a piece of entertainment in which a real quality cricketer can never be visible as he is. Meager number of balls makes the game control its players, never giving a chance for player to show his class. 

Now the season 5 has already gotten to a place to celebrate its triumph. Cashing in on IPL hype, media channels have also poured out their best episodes on any tiny controversial issue in IPL. Franchises appeared their best on TV almost every day supporting their own team also leaving a sense of knowingness to the viewer. Most of them would be well recognized for their eternal appearance on television, also for their frantic expressions that followed each match. 

Although, following such a long season has raised a feeling of impatience in the viewers initially, it has struck back soon, caught its hold and drawn full attention from the audience towards its end. Some outstanding performances from players like DeVILLEARS,  GAMBIR, DEAN STEYL and more particularly one that of GAYLE has really topped the flight. He played beyond compare although his team couldn’t make it up to the finals. 

Well Dhoni’s team is knocking down everyone to make into finals, if not his game style, it would be his all time luck that pushes him into finals. Although it seems rather offensive to say so, but certainly he bought more luck than RCB which was well deserved to be in finals. However, it not important which team is taking up the title and which one were knocked out. Supporting one team looks like being a kid in a candy store. For me it seemed absurd to support only one team, so taking the chasing team side was all I did throughout IPL, jumping up during a nail biting finish gives a pleasure of success. Fortunately this season brought us many nail biting finishes. As we are only two matches away from the end of IPL , lets wish the qualified teams for a better luck in finals and hope upcoming matches go interestingly well and stand off the charts.

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