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Friday, September 4, 2015

Marriages are made in heaven

Marriages are made in heaven. What an untruthful statement, Someone who stated that would have been an outcast. I see marriages are made in caste, religion and creed. Although I believed that marriage is the most important decisions in life. It is something of two people decide to live the rest of their lives with each other. Living together certainly changes a huge amount of their life style. Sometimes they must make compromises, give up their tastes and live with welcoming dislikes. This doesn't happen between two people until that one aspect exists between them. That's love. Love between two people make them overlook their flaws, make them accept their likes and dislike, make them change their priorities.

Unfortunately our lives are predefined. Everything in life is already decided by somebody. Either be it your caste, religion or the society we live in. Our education, profession, beliefs, eating habits, language...including our thoughts are well fed without asking. Our Identity was already chosen, who we are and who we become is judged and justified on daily basis, a strong belief was developed into us onto which group we belong. We gotten into a self identification which brought a certain limitation rather than bringing an explorative nature.

Love happens. But today it doesn't happen. How does anything can happen to us, when our future is just a past tense of somebody's life?  Somehow we going to create it out of temptation to create our own self. Marriage has become an arrangement to bring two people of same community together irrespective of their nature. A few days after when they find the natures of each other their interest in each other is not guaranteed,  unless they fall in love. Which should have been happened by choice not by out of choice. Marriage takes away the choice, just like love does sometimes.

Not everyone can fall in love, not everyone's is lucky enough to meet the right people. But when we meet them our caste and creed shouldn't blind us. It's an utter foolishness to stop looking that which you want is already found. The real responsibility in life lies in taking charge of our life gracefully and steer in the direction which we truly want to go. Our gut instincts tell us more about our self than anybody else. Ignoring our instincts and striking them off doesn't change the life in any way. Because, if we don't listen to that which is coming from inside, we have to listen that which comes out of our community or society. And that which comes of community is only  beliefs and traditions certainly not necessarily the right person for us as a life partner. Respect our community and accept our lives infinity!!