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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

On Money

On this article I would like to say a few words on the most crucial aspect of humans which made them into what they are today. As I found something on Dalai Lama's sayings
 Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered "Man.... Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived."

These statements from him rooted deeply onto my mind for once I read. It is unfortunate that if any of us asked to read those lines I bet most of us would be in complete agreement. But very less will have a real grasp of it and follow the rules of life simply. It is funny how the life's rules are so simplistic yet made so unnatural with just an addition of medium of exchange called 'Money'
Each day when I get up in the morning first feeling that goes though my mind is something that make me think 'competitive'. That something out there that I need to achieve more in life than others. A few term it as an ambition to achieve something of their life goals and achieve satisfaction. But what I see it is most succumb to having a feeling to have more money in their lives. 
Each day I see hundreds of people, what I find in most people have in common is that almost everyone in their lives have already got more than just for their survival on planet, interestingly another common aspect is none had been fully happy and joyful besides their life style being the best.We can see many businesses fail when their focus is primarily on money. Now a days business succeeds with 'Customer Satisfaction'. It is a clear example that 'Success lies in Satisfaction'.
I wish I get up every morning with more satisfaction than money. I wish I feel better of my own self than better than others. 
Agreed that money gives you satisfaction but not money alone. 
Agreed that money talks sometimes but not as deep as love.
Agreed that money can do treatment but real cure happens with caring.
Agreed that money gives the pleasure but not until you have peace to feeling it.
If there are millions things that money can buy. There are million other things which money cannot buy too. 

I wish I had more money but without breaking relationships.

without cheating others, without losing respect, morality, peace, values, time.

My friends say "Time is Money"
I disagree with that. 
Coz Time is not Money, Time is LIFE.
It is better we make Money in LIFE not Life to make Money.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Marriages are made in heaven

Marriages are made in heaven. What an untruthful statement, Someone who stated that would have been an outcast. I see marriages are made in caste, religion and creed. Although I believed that marriage is the most important decisions in life. It is something of two people decide to live the rest of their lives with each other. Living together certainly changes a huge amount of their life style. Sometimes they must make compromises, give up their tastes and live with welcoming dislikes. This doesn't happen between two people until that one aspect exists between them. That's love. Love between two people make them overlook their flaws, make them accept their likes and dislike, make them change their priorities.

Unfortunately our lives are predefined. Everything in life is already decided by somebody. Either be it your caste, religion or the society we live in. Our education, profession, beliefs, eating habits, language...including our thoughts are well fed without asking. Our Identity was already chosen, who we are and who we become is judged and justified on daily basis, a strong belief was developed into us onto which group we belong. We gotten into a self identification which brought a certain limitation rather than bringing an explorative nature.

Love happens. But today it doesn't happen. How does anything can happen to us, when our future is just a past tense of somebody's life?  Somehow we going to create it out of temptation to create our own self. Marriage has become an arrangement to bring two people of same community together irrespective of their nature. A few days after when they find the natures of each other their interest in each other is not guaranteed,  unless they fall in love. Which should have been happened by choice not by out of choice. Marriage takes away the choice, just like love does sometimes.

Not everyone can fall in love, not everyone's is lucky enough to meet the right people. But when we meet them our caste and creed shouldn't blind us. It's an utter foolishness to stop looking that which you want is already found. The real responsibility in life lies in taking charge of our life gracefully and steer in the direction which we truly want to go. Our gut instincts tell us more about our self than anybody else. Ignoring our instincts and striking them off doesn't change the life in any way. Because, if we don't listen to that which is coming from inside, we have to listen that which comes out of our community or society. And that which comes of community is only  beliefs and traditions certainly not necessarily the right person for us as a life partner. Respect our community and accept our lives infinity!! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

decide it till the end

To live any further I need to cheat myself lying that you would return to me someday sooner!
You are like my breath neither I can remember nor can I forget to breath as long as I live.....
Never I can find a tool that erases you from me nor can I know from where heart, mind or myself?
I only realized that I'am destined to fall for you never was it in my hands nor was it a choice I made myself.
I never get older coz those moments of your thought makes me a timeless being unlike normal
Your very presence in this world makes it more worthy of my living in here...
Call me immortal or mortal it's only you who can decide it till the end....!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Choice of obssessions!

Life is full of choices. Some choices appear best only once after we make them. Some choices make us regret, while some give us confusion. Such a choice was made by me a few years ago that led me go through a life with full of twists and turns which is by far the most confusing part of my life. My life in JNTU College. Day one of my college, I was looking at it from a different lens. Along with my mediocre aptitudes I carried huge expectations, which were shattered or rather destroyed by the way my college presented itself in front of my wistful thinking. I had to drop fantasies which I had set earlier, start to digest the realities I faced, accept the standards I had to go through and enjoy the life with compromises that had come along. 

If there is anything that I need to start with, that would be about TEXT CHATTING. It became an obsession in my first year of college. In what way it has intrigued me was unknown to me, but I remember I was engaged in constant chatting on phone most often to distract myself from disappointments that college had brought in. This obsession continued throughout my first year. I have nothing to mention but chatting, low grades in math, amateurish behavior with fellow friends and lack of understanding towards life…That’s the way I was in first year. First year was finished pretty soon with attendance in class as first time ever. To top it all off there was no fresher’s party from our seniors which led to a party celebrated by ourselves and we called it with a name ITRUM which nearly too about 6 months to remember the name for me. Mention of ragging and about seniors would likely take another long story that brings a bitter shock and creates a trauma who had gone through it. 

By second year I understood every nook and corner of the college, conduct of exams and most importantly the conduct of management which is one thing that gets me on nerves even today. Result of exams was likely to be unpredictable almost all the time. Nobody really understood whether they really deserved the scores they achieved. Often students either used to get disappointed getting low scores in a few subjects or shocked to see high scores in the other. However, they used to balance out in the end though correction of papers lacked a bit of genuinty as we believed. Second year had finally ended with my interests surging towards sports that led to another obsession which I still carried out of college. Finally, there was an end to it with fresher’s party bringing an “ELIXIR” party which literally meant a life-healer. We hoped it really healed our lives further.

By the start of third year I was termed and treated as “day scholar” which I realized soon after I was being told and taught rigorously, however it only meant I come under studious category as assumed by most students in college. By third year we also came to know many things like canteen lacks a lot of facilities even after its renovation, management takes no responsibility in informing students of the schedule of events that take place in future, playing football or table tennis is the only entertainment that we could get in college, fifty percent of events and fests would suck by one way or the other, how much collecting the hall ticket a day before the exam is important, we pay development fee still there can’t be much of the development seen with it except that we needed to pay one extra challan for it all by standing in a huge crowd in a tiny bank that is present in far-end of college and finally we understood was we joined in JNTU. Degrading our own college seemed to be a habit we picked and half our time would have gone in talking cheap and downside of college. Its like almost every student had hated it vehemently.

Still not ended with third year, it stood very precious in my life. It almost brought in all the pieces of interests together, cleared off most confusions of life and a new obsession had finally begun that changed most part of my life. A new love was formed for learning English, soon it led me go dive in it deeper than I expected. This ensured to give me a good awareness towards English and completely fell in love in learning it further and further. This article from me couldn’t have really been possible to write if I hadn’t pursed my graduation in JNTU, credit goes to college indeed. Friends who were formed were a clear match with my interests which incredibly multiplied my interest….Final year was one thing I sought to mention in another article where I introduce my actual b.tech lyfe. :D

Monday, April 15, 2013

Create yourself before you be yourself!

He wanted change. Change that could ever be believed by any one. He found a secret. He had difficulties, problems, ailments everything as ever existed. Yet he knew how to solve them all. Now he changed into a perfect structure. Immunity at peaks, health became impeccable. Lot of positivity filling in, everyone who meets him could feel his presence of love and affection. Wealth is his innate property. He always created not bought or earned it. People love staying with him no matter what situation is. They liked his style, appearance more than anything his heart. That showered love and positivity. 

He liked a gal as the time passed. She stayed frightened for a while. Then she slowly started feeling what he is. She understood him personally. She got feelings on him. Those feelings which contained pure form love. That love that she always longed for. A feeling of intense care and love for him was created, that never be destroyed in this life. He started to realize that soon. They fell in love. They felt lucky for having each other. Not just for a moment, but for their life time. He gained knowledge all through his learning years. Understood relations better and learned how to mend them when there is a conflict between two. She understood him very much. She gave in her life for him with intense care and respect.

They stood as best couple. He always spent time to make her happy. She received it perfectly, not ignoring any bit of it. Only one fear prevailed between them. Fear of losing each other. Yet both surely knew that they never leave each other. He knew no obstacle that come could shackle their relation, because it is full of love and affection. He knew universe would always be supportive to such relation. She still feared for nothing. She feared of only losing him. She believed and feared simultaneously. Soon she lost her fear, coz of the confidence in him. Because she knows him now. He creates life, life of his own and their life. That’s why there was nothing that stopped him or ever will stop him. He created the perfect love he wanted. He could create it because he truly wanted it. He could create anything he wants because he believes in it and he feels it. 

Feel it.. love it… create it and most importantly believe in what you truly want…..!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

trust worthy?

Be careful of what you speak, they will understand you
Be careful of who you see, they will distract you
Be careful of who you hear, they may misguide you
Be careful of who you TRUST, they may CHEAT YOU

Trust! A simple feeling, but has a greater impact in our lives. You know what? You wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place if you had no trust in my writings, or someway you trust something in me that led you till here to read something of mine. That’s trust.

Last week I was going home by bike alone in the midnight. It was almost deserted all around, and silence prevailed all over with human sleeping was going just into deeper state. Suddenly, in the middle of the road one stranger was waving his hand asking for a lift along the road I was furthering. It was almost like streets have been wiped out by some catastrophic incident and I couldn’t see much of the human form anywhere around. Besides this, my stranger carried a look of a giant pig, with hair drooping over his back, swollen eyes which seemed to be either because of he was drunk or born with abnormality.

I was about 15 meters away and this guy’s picture was getting bigger in size while I was closing towards him. I couldn’t decide whether to help this poor guy in the middle of the road or to leave him considering my own safety in Hyderabad. We had wild terrorist attacks across the country, reasonable number of bomb blasts, uncountable cases of kidnapping, brutal gang rapes and mugging incidents. Hyderabad is no less for all these occurrences. Thinking of this, all of a sudden his presence looked frightful and menacing. One part of my brain was telling me to help this man and other part of it was saying not to trust anyone. And I couldn’t help him because I didn’t have Trust? Such a feeling is TRUST.

TRUST is illogical, we trust somebody they break it. If we don’t trust people, we cannot survive. It’s a blind feeling we all have to live with to live life. We have to TRUST a doctor, we have to trust a bus driver, and we have to trust a person in everyday to live life. There is no other way round. We have to live with it. On an end note I can only say we can all be careful, but not cynical. Remember being skeptical is different from being cynical. It is easy to break TRUST, but it takes years to build TRUST between people. Ultimately, one must also remember a BROKEN-TRUST is IRREPARABLE. Trust self, be trustworthy.  

Friday, March 8, 2013

She lost it all with just a smile

Her face lit up. It was a moment, her cheeks raised impeccably high with deep dimples forming a perfect outlay of her face contours. It was a moment; her eyes squinted with curvy freckles one either sides around her eyes. Her nose stood like a golden craft placed above those widened glossy lips. That was a moment of her SMILE. Rich smile, priceless, magnificent or breathtaking. None of the adjectives would best describe it.
That smile always either brought a tearing envy or a subliminal joy in those who were around her. It was inspiring, captivating and much of it was domineering. Her smile was a showering tool that spread unquestionable bliss that had a power to even free a prisoner in extreme slavery. Those who were caught in glimpse of her smile were arrested in the eternal grin. 

It wasn’t a smile of a cursory greeting, nor was it an attempt to grab attention or impress any of her audience. That smile wasn’t her trait just in physical; rather, it was innate and driven by deep cardinal muscles which were only filled by love, affection and care. She carried nothing but a smile. A real smile... 

Next had come an evil that was sweeping many; bunch of people who carried nothing but a disheveled grief. Their envy just broke everything of her smile. They robbed it altogether, filling too much of malign. She sensed nothing of the occurrence, nor was she aware of the evil that had come inside. This left a gloomy story further ahead. She had lost that precious gift that was incredibly inherent. She now smiles the same, yet it brings the shame. She fakes it now, causes a feeling of a lost-love. 

This leaves a gloomy story for all of us with a lesson ahead. A lesson to save that gift we all possess for a life time. She lost it all with just a smile. Just a smile that made all the difference… Just a smile that defined her best.