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Monday, April 15, 2013

Create yourself before you be yourself!

He wanted change. Change that could ever be believed by any one. He found a secret. He had difficulties, problems, ailments everything as ever existed. Yet he knew how to solve them all. Now he changed into a perfect structure. Immunity at peaks, health became impeccable. Lot of positivity filling in, everyone who meets him could feel his presence of love and affection. Wealth is his innate property. He always created not bought or earned it. People love staying with him no matter what situation is. They liked his style, appearance more than anything his heart. That showered love and positivity. 

He liked a gal as the time passed. She stayed frightened for a while. Then she slowly started feeling what he is. She understood him personally. She got feelings on him. Those feelings which contained pure form love. That love that she always longed for. A feeling of intense care and love for him was created, that never be destroyed in this life. He started to realize that soon. They fell in love. They felt lucky for having each other. Not just for a moment, but for their life time. He gained knowledge all through his learning years. Understood relations better and learned how to mend them when there is a conflict between two. She understood him very much. She gave in her life for him with intense care and respect.

They stood as best couple. He always spent time to make her happy. She received it perfectly, not ignoring any bit of it. Only one fear prevailed between them. Fear of losing each other. Yet both surely knew that they never leave each other. He knew no obstacle that come could shackle their relation, because it is full of love and affection. He knew universe would always be supportive to such relation. She still feared for nothing. She feared of only losing him. She believed and feared simultaneously. Soon she lost her fear, coz of the confidence in him. Because she knows him now. He creates life, life of his own and their life. That’s why there was nothing that stopped him or ever will stop him. He created the perfect love he wanted. He could create it because he truly wanted it. He could create anything he wants because he believes in it and he feels it. 

Feel it.. love it… create it and most importantly believe in what you truly want…..!