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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hear what I'm from within

Hear what I’m from within
When none of us are perfect how can I be cataloged as disabled?

People watch me puzzled, when I attempt like they do
Nothing hurts me deep, except their thought as I’m not their kind

I forget what I’m until pathetic expressions come across
They look down on me with sympathy, though I never failed along  

Hear what I’m from within
Whether or not I sing, I cherish a sweeter voice inside not unveiled 

Though I can’t see, yet I can imagine things in darkness that is unseen
I can’t hear, but I don’t ignore a word they whisper behind their lips

I can’t walk or run as fast as you can, yet I own a soul that can race beyond belief.
I look into the similarities, while dreading one difference million times a day! 

When I can feel everything they know, why can’t I be seen the same?
Before I go unheard please hear what I’m from within!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When I tend to LiE

I tend to lie when they hate to know the truth!
I go to reveal the truth after, but they mistake me as a liar by then soon.

I return home with none believing a word I say.
Feeling mad of what I did, clench my fist with no choice left!

Nothing can I do after much more than watch myself as liar in their sight
Soon after I tend to bury the truths I know.
Afraid that they listen and call me liar or whatever bad they knew!

I remained liar who tend to speak the truth out
And who wouldn't intend to lie when they hate to know the truth

Friday, June 15, 2012

Time post

Every second we spend has its finality; never in life we can live that second again like the way we want to live. Whether was it a misspoken word or an accidental bruise, we cannot undo the second that has already been lapsed. Sometimes a blink of an eye time could cause a disaster or it could create a miracle, nature knows all this better. We are just the time travelers who lack the knowledge of going back to the point of time we had traveled through. If such a time reversal had been possible, all of us would probable stay in those times when we lived a high tide. We would go back in time and start growing all over again. Thought of such a thing’s existence throws an ecstatic feeling isn’t?

Funnily, we all can go back into past with that immense retrieving power of mind and be reminiscent for however long we like to be, but along the way present is consumed and corrupted. Thinking about the past, gives nothing but a drowning present. Time acts like a fuel to live on, like a solace to move on, like a poultice to bury all the grief and scars for which we wince secretly when we are alone. 

Time heals. Isn’t true that every one of us was wounded once in a while and got healed soon after? This healing power of time itself is a miracle for human existence otherwise life succumbs to unhealed pains. As the time passes, we all grow up; get matured every day, every second. Things change beyond our imagination. New relations grow and get buried far too sooner than ever expected. Our own beliefs soon be proved wrong, new ones strike with sense of shock and gradually root deeper to a level we never aware of its existence. All because of time lapse!

Often the things that happen timelessly are not valued enough or disused. Who gets excited to watch an eclipse if it happens every day every hour? Its limitation in its occurrence makes it an important spectacle. So in a way limitation on human life span is paradoxically a gift to a soul, which some are foolishly living too short with absurd suicides, instead of living it up. Man, knowing about his mortality still attempts to kill another. However, in case of evil intrusion, killing is nothing but saving one another.

In a nut shell, everything consumes time. It is in one’s own hand which way he consumes his own time. As the time might both ripen and rot us, we only can travel along with it gaining new experiences and carry sack full of good and bad times. Along the way, our time clock must indissolubly run forever, otherwise healing doesn’t happen, does it?

Monday, June 4, 2012

String of bond

Where did that string of bond go between us?
I saw it strong and subtle but never had I realized how trivial for you it was

Recall we treated everything was near and closer?
But that was like innocence towards our knowingness

Had we ever thought we’d split apart? Way too far?
Well perhaps we dint grow much so enough by that time

Don’t you see the bitterness now?
We can’t play fair today because maturity says it can’t forgive what so happened.

If we are given with that super clock, will you run it back and think over?
I myself halt it there; watch those deeper smiles which were clean and true

Wasn’t that moment clean and green?
We cared for so long, honored while we talk.

Today by kicking all those times, don’t we pretend and disguise?
Didn’t we learn more than just to love? Perhaps that’s how maturity plays

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Gals are vulnerable is what we hear of many a times. But today I find myself threatened and paranoid for picking a topic to write that talks about gals. Not that I have complete idea of gals, but seemly I found rational difference in attitude that drive most guys crazy in a most vulnerable way. For any young gal it becomes stupidly hard for her to walk up on the street without having some ogling eyes set on her. It seems unquestionable for guys to automatically set eyes on someone we are meant to get attracted. It can be seen as a natural occurrence otherwise people are either not straight or they are combating the nature’s law.

Having said they are sensitive, loving, caring, epitomes of love, emotionally driven yet these are the grounds that make their behavior complicated too. If not to their perception, it’d have to be for guys who’d suffer the most to understand the background of one’s attitude. Under such complication, guys are prone to disastrous attitude especially who fall in the live- to- love category. Other is the case of friendship between a gal and boy. It always stands debatable. In the ideology of gal it always being said that it depends on boy’s attitude and so is the view of boy who throws it upon gal’s attitude instead. I support neither at least for the moral of this article; I’d rather be non-judgmental on this occasion.

Friend of mine says gals are strongly born with the power of observation. But one such power cannot ease the difficulty of decision making. May be fighting is not their style of existence. But surely their outplaying power of observation should be well appreciated.  But inhumanity got worsened too far enough to kill the baby gals moment they are born or inside in the state of fetus. Such acts are disgrace to motherly nature. Such denial of gal baby is no more than revelation of mindless thinking.

Going through the life of a gal, she indefinitely needs to be strong to battle choice of decision making. Although they set a castle of dreams they want to achieve, social life has put enough barriers to make them give up their own dreams. Those who outfight those possibilities are ones who equalize themselves. Several of those kinds are seen every day. Rest are not who defeated, yet they are a class of who exemplify the sacrifice.

One must spare a thought before registering an opinion that lowers the gal. Intricacies in their attitude are one that forms out of several bearings and painstaking situations. They are the symbols of love and care not that one that ever known to hurt someone. No matter what relation that bears with them, care is always intended even though for some it is invisible. A creature of sacrifice which desires no wealth but love and care! After all they are the creators of this world.

Even though it is incomprehensive description I feel, that is because of my ignorance towards the topic. My little attempt is not intended to be offensive; rather I tried to broaden my thoughts at every point of this topic.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Buddy to return!

Well time has come to write about friends again. Assuming friends don’t exist. Hard is to imagine life, nothing seems amusing without them, nothing seems delicious in restaurants, no long- ride would be amusing, smallest walk seems longer, cell phones, shopping malls, studies, college life, travel, chatting, millions of such things never  would be found amusing instead everything seems incompletely made in their absence. When we ourselves find boring to live with, they stand on our side and make life exciting and adorable.

Perhaps in our little world they step in to make our lives large enough, larger than one that we live by ourselves, especially those who reach bottom of our heart. Quiet unexpectedly we happen to be friends with some anonymous person, it starts off with cursory greetings in a formal way, initially we sound discreetly respectful which slowly gets vanished with the little acceptance, without consciousness we inevitably become close to each other, never we would care about differences, keeping only common things in mind, knowingness occur slowly, then after comfort of being ourselves will soon be established.

While some walk a few steps long with us, others cease to leave us along the way. While some get along with new ones, others desire to live around us way too longer than just a life span. No matter how long they stick to our life, those footsteps are ever cherished. Ever since we meet, we never would expect at one point of time in life our paths we get separated. But when that time comes we start pondering over how far we miss them. No words would fill their absence. Why hadn’t been it is such a way that once made friends will stay in same place forever? Why the life should be so hard on us sometimes? Why can’t it make a little exception to our closer ones after all? Who on the earth should fill that gap we buried years longer. Who would accompany us through those all rides, movies, shopping, chatting.  Life itself should answer those questions instead of just being brutal.

Little as we thought, the hope of meeting them back again, living such a life again, never dies. Never that togetherness fades away. But how probable is that in these days of brutality? What good would that do by hoping for so long when future alone can decide our fate? Perhaps life can’t see us smiling for much longer period. It throws a full stop for its own choice in the name of change.  If not this way, we should undergo the change in other way. It leaves no escape. Aren’t we all just the pawns being played by supernatural power? Player alone knows which move he has to play next. 

Written in the remembrance of my best friend soofi, who has been so closely bonded to us all these years now has moved to Chennai for his job. Wishing him to come back soon to hyderabad and bang those same amazing days with him again. Cheers buddy! We will save up many big surprises for you and we looking forward to you to join us asap! Saale jaldhi aa warna surprises badjayengey! :P