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Monday, June 4, 2012

String of bond

Where did that string of bond go between us?
I saw it strong and subtle but never had I realized how trivial for you it was

Recall we treated everything was near and closer?
But that was like innocence towards our knowingness

Had we ever thought we’d split apart? Way too far?
Well perhaps we dint grow much so enough by that time

Don’t you see the bitterness now?
We can’t play fair today because maturity says it can’t forgive what so happened.

If we are given with that super clock, will you run it back and think over?
I myself halt it there; watch those deeper smiles which were clean and true

Wasn’t that moment clean and green?
We cared for so long, honored while we talk.

Today by kicking all those times, don’t we pretend and disguise?
Didn’t we learn more than just to love? Perhaps that’s how maturity plays

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