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Friday, June 15, 2012

Time post

Every second we spend has its finality; never in life we can live that second again like the way we want to live. Whether was it a misspoken word or an accidental bruise, we cannot undo the second that has already been lapsed. Sometimes a blink of an eye time could cause a disaster or it could create a miracle, nature knows all this better. We are just the time travelers who lack the knowledge of going back to the point of time we had traveled through. If such a time reversal had been possible, all of us would probable stay in those times when we lived a high tide. We would go back in time and start growing all over again. Thought of such a thing’s existence throws an ecstatic feeling isn’t?

Funnily, we all can go back into past with that immense retrieving power of mind and be reminiscent for however long we like to be, but along the way present is consumed and corrupted. Thinking about the past, gives nothing but a drowning present. Time acts like a fuel to live on, like a solace to move on, like a poultice to bury all the grief and scars for which we wince secretly when we are alone. 

Time heals. Isn’t true that every one of us was wounded once in a while and got healed soon after? This healing power of time itself is a miracle for human existence otherwise life succumbs to unhealed pains. As the time passes, we all grow up; get matured every day, every second. Things change beyond our imagination. New relations grow and get buried far too sooner than ever expected. Our own beliefs soon be proved wrong, new ones strike with sense of shock and gradually root deeper to a level we never aware of its existence. All because of time lapse!

Often the things that happen timelessly are not valued enough or disused. Who gets excited to watch an eclipse if it happens every day every hour? Its limitation in its occurrence makes it an important spectacle. So in a way limitation on human life span is paradoxically a gift to a soul, which some are foolishly living too short with absurd suicides, instead of living it up. Man, knowing about his mortality still attempts to kill another. However, in case of evil intrusion, killing is nothing but saving one another.

In a nut shell, everything consumes time. It is in one’s own hand which way he consumes his own time. As the time might both ripen and rot us, we only can travel along with it gaining new experiences and carry sack full of good and bad times. Along the way, our time clock must indissolubly run forever, otherwise healing doesn’t happen, does it?

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  1. very well written pavan... I can see the effort you put in brain storming for this article.. keep it up!!