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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Gals are vulnerable is what we hear of many a times. But today I find myself threatened and paranoid for picking a topic to write that talks about gals. Not that I have complete idea of gals, but seemly I found rational difference in attitude that drive most guys crazy in a most vulnerable way. For any young gal it becomes stupidly hard for her to walk up on the street without having some ogling eyes set on her. It seems unquestionable for guys to automatically set eyes on someone we are meant to get attracted. It can be seen as a natural occurrence otherwise people are either not straight or they are combating the nature’s law.

Having said they are sensitive, loving, caring, epitomes of love, emotionally driven yet these are the grounds that make their behavior complicated too. If not to their perception, it’d have to be for guys who’d suffer the most to understand the background of one’s attitude. Under such complication, guys are prone to disastrous attitude especially who fall in the live- to- love category. Other is the case of friendship between a gal and boy. It always stands debatable. In the ideology of gal it always being said that it depends on boy’s attitude and so is the view of boy who throws it upon gal’s attitude instead. I support neither at least for the moral of this article; I’d rather be non-judgmental on this occasion.

Friend of mine says gals are strongly born with the power of observation. But one such power cannot ease the difficulty of decision making. May be fighting is not their style of existence. But surely their outplaying power of observation should be well appreciated.  But inhumanity got worsened too far enough to kill the baby gals moment they are born or inside in the state of fetus. Such acts are disgrace to motherly nature. Such denial of gal baby is no more than revelation of mindless thinking.

Going through the life of a gal, she indefinitely needs to be strong to battle choice of decision making. Although they set a castle of dreams they want to achieve, social life has put enough barriers to make them give up their own dreams. Those who outfight those possibilities are ones who equalize themselves. Several of those kinds are seen every day. Rest are not who defeated, yet they are a class of who exemplify the sacrifice.

One must spare a thought before registering an opinion that lowers the gal. Intricacies in their attitude are one that forms out of several bearings and painstaking situations. They are the symbols of love and care not that one that ever known to hurt someone. No matter what relation that bears with them, care is always intended even though for some it is invisible. A creature of sacrifice which desires no wealth but love and care! After all they are the creators of this world.

Even though it is incomprehensive description I feel, that is because of my ignorance towards the topic. My little attempt is not intended to be offensive; rather I tried to broaden my thoughts at every point of this topic.