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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hear what I'm from within

Hear what I’m from within
When none of us are perfect how can I be cataloged as disabled?

People watch me puzzled, when I attempt like they do
Nothing hurts me deep, except their thought as I’m not their kind

I forget what I’m until pathetic expressions come across
They look down on me with sympathy, though I never failed along  

Hear what I’m from within
Whether or not I sing, I cherish a sweeter voice inside not unveiled 

Though I can’t see, yet I can imagine things in darkness that is unseen
I can’t hear, but I don’t ignore a word they whisper behind their lips

I can’t walk or run as fast as you can, yet I own a soul that can race beyond belief.
I look into the similarities, while dreading one difference million times a day! 

When I can feel everything they know, why can’t I be seen the same?
Before I go unheard please hear what I’m from within!

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