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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bus Lyfe!!!

Many of us travel in RTC buses. Some of us find the journey in RTC buses infuriating. Some of us find it comfortable and safe. Some like me are destined to make RTC bus journey despite the emotions that it carries. I travel on bus about 40 Kms a day that lasts around 3 half an hour for attending my college! Although my college route has service of large number of buses, horrible traffic never gives a feel worth travelling for studies :P. Despite several stops in my route, buses will have to break their pace at several signals that reduces average speed to 10kms an hour. So literally, one can reach my college faster by running than by bus. However, bus journey is one of a kind. Even though life doesn’t give much of a choice, buses leave a choice on choosing one of our kind. My journey  covers different style of places like Begumpet airport Runway that amuses at some instants, Balnagar Vimal cinema if one wants to buy some entertainment, Kukatpally malls for burning a hole in one’s pocket…There are several movie posters that glimmer for every kilometer which keeps us busy in thinking about movies thoughout. Some posters grab attention at ease; especially female models on them leave us a feel of infatuation for sure. I can’t stop appreciating bus journey in terms of comfort. I must have had to work my ass off to drive on those shitty roads of traffic if I had to travel by my own vehicle. Smokey road-way will turn us into pitch-dark in one go, no matter how angelic one is. One has to pay the price if they desire to make journey on bike. Sometimes sitting on bus I find it funny looking at some motorists who work hard more on their brakes rather than on accelerator while I’m on the other side putting my headphones on in a giant vehicle listening to favorite music and given a choice of sleeping.
 Of course, the pleasure is all yours given you got the seat. On the other side, the unseated journey has a long way to go. It becomes a deadly battle if one chooses to make a standing journey. Standing against the bus jerks is hard enough; standing against the push of crowd becomes impossible. Unfortunately, congestion in buses is inevitable that reveals India’s overpopulation at many places. Everything seems to be troubling on a standing journey including the conductor who seethes past us several times for ticketing while standers have to shove aside their earthily bodies. Of course, this case applies to all bus journey, but my bus journey has to pick out the most skillful drivers otherwise at least one accident would be no surprise. Because my route has the most unusual road twists and many bottle necks. There is a killer turn near Bowenpally charastha that normal drivers cannot make it up so easily. Road authority couldn’t take up any action on broadening that turn as it is actually along side a Muslim burial land and any change in construction would raise up a new issue. There you go, when people suffer, officials barely respond to issues, when added a religious issue to it, they never dare to resolve them. I wonder if we are controlled by religions in India. I also wonder if my bus topic can slide to religious discussion further and turns me into a critic. Let’s get back to square one!
My two years of commuting on the same route has changed my approach towards co-passengers. I cannot look at them like strangers. Every person I watch seems to be one I had travelled with before one time or the other.  Some bus conductors made permanent impressions in my mind and their exclusive encounters out of bus rings a bell instantly. I wonder if a few of them remembered me too, given I hardly socialized with anyone of them. However, the crowd ceaselessly gets about on bus without leaving a loss to RTC unless it’s a special day like bandh. Along the way I get off the bus near Kukatpally housing board Colony that ranks the largest colony in Asia which also tops in terms of air polluted areas of Hyderabad. Its also holds as centre for my college haplessly…which I visit honestly and return home restlessly. :p

That’s all about it. In fact, there is so much one can experience throughout bus journeys. Once in a while each one of us goes about these kinds of insights that stick in mind for ages. Don't they??

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Prime time-Childhood

“Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies” a famous quote says. Childhood is the most wonderful time of anyone’s life. It was the time I didn’t know what a society was, what a life could be like, what a relationship could be like. I didn’t know many things about life which I know today. Only thing that I knew was to be happy. Involuntarily, I used to do things that made me happy. There was innocence towards grown ups. There was friendliness towards other kids. Only things that broke were my bones, never my heart, never!

My happiness was real; my laughter was hearty. There were no worries about my appearance; I never gave a damn about looks. I couldn’t discriminate myself with anyone around. In fact, I hardly remember how I looked that time. There were no intentions to appear good and impress anyone. There was no pretending to be someone else. That was the real me!

I used to play a thousand different games in one day, unlike now I play only one game at thousand different times. The cycling competitions with friends, silly fights, lame excuses of stomach ache to bunk off the school, fear of attending tuition, scary math teacher at school, sulking at my dad for not getting evening snacks, acting innocent in front of mom for winning the pocket money, furious fights with my brother and ending up with horrible scars and marks all over the face, pen-fights during the lunch hour at school, phony break ups with friends, triple ride on skinny bicycles, crazy gaming with WWF fancy cards and poke-mon, getting drenched in rain till the cold-fever attack and mom’s chiding after falling sick, stupid sobs for pointless issues, dad’s serious concern for my meaningless tears, unreasonable cursing at teachers for burdening home work…. All this added up to a wonderful time in my childhood. Recalling those sweet moments puts a smile on face for a life time!

Watching cartoon was great fun for me; some cartoon shows had become a part of my daily routine and I never used to miss them out. Shows like “POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN”, “SHAKTHIMAN” and “WWF CHAMPIONS” had greatly mesmerized on those days. I used to fancy myself like superheroes after watching every episode and there was real fun in doing so, pure sense of pleasure and joy! Never mind that innocence!

There were tantrums and sobs but never the sadness. There were fights and quarrels but never hurt. There were defeats, but never failures. There was humiliation, but never guilt. There was a tenacious memory but no remembrance of painful moments. There was no jealousy, discrimination, heart break or sad moments. There was only innocence that had kept me happy all that time. It was immaturity that made unaware of all earthly problems. It was the time I acted maturely unlike today with many immature thoughts that come along because of life style. I wish I could go back to that time and cherish those wonderful memories of childhood. I wish I had never grown up. I miss those all moments and that part of myself that existed.


Best things happen when we do the best things. Best love we get back when we love best. Best thoughts we get when we think best. But there is one best person we are gifted with though we’ve not done any best prayer. She is the miracle of miracles. “Mom” A wonderful word! Sound of that word itself makes us feel a cool and calm breeze of love and care. Where does anyone find ocean full of pure love? I would say it’s my mom, without a second thought. Our first struggle to learn to speak would be calling her mom. Our first close friend in this world would be mom. She is a friend, a trainer, a teacher, an adviser, a caretaker, a Well-wisher, what not she is? She is a magician who turns into our need. She sacrifices her own happiness for our betterment. She is a perfect angel who deserves true love and real care. But as we grow up, things will change in our way. Priorities get altered. Once in a while we will start ignoring people around us. Slowly priorities will alter more and more. Life becomes a mess with all sorts of evil thoughts. We learn to cheat, lie, break relationships, feel jealous of others, pride for achievements grows up, greed for money pitches high, love towards things grows more. We soon act like morons in our own world. People start hating us. World turns against us. But she still stands same, her love, her care for us remains same besides all our achievements and moronic changes. She has no change in time lapse. Her attitude towards us is irrelevant to time. She loves the same way she did ever since we came out onto this earth. No matter what we are today and what we are going to be tomorrow. Her love never fades down. A guaranteed love, for lifetime! How lucky to have her! She would be same as the one who played around with us, when we were cuddly babies. She would be same as one who worried about our health when we drenched in a rain play. She’ll be ever same. Ever and forever! Express our gratitude to her by loving her. But she is the one deserves it most. Mother, a true soul of love and care!

About friends is what I feel

"Tring Tringgg!! AsAMass!" I opened my eyes reluctantly hoping no change. Since many days, life became incredibly tedious. Having done my chores everyday was no fun. I felt like a complete loser. Present was always dark. I fished around my bed side to reach my cell phone, which usually sleeps with me along. It is the one which wakes me up every day with alarm. But today was a holiday. There was no alarm setup last night, so it was a text message that put me awake! Shit! My head was still dizzy, eyes were still blurry, I found my cell phone and made few clicks. It was a message. It was not from nowhere but a friend and it says “Lets hang out!”. Awe! What a day to spend. The message carried a magic on its way. The feel of hangout filled a sudden joy. A mysterious sense of pleasure. Since it had been a long time I hung around. I was completely lost from myself. I forgot many of my things until I saw that message. I was deeply drowned in my dark life. There was no fun since many days. It had been so long since I laughed out aloud though my heart. Soon I was transforming into alien to my world. But nevertheless it is not possible. There come my saviors! Friends! Lucky to have them. They remind me what I’m, hold me still from losing away myself. They’ve always been fortunate to happen in my life. They brighten up my days after a great amount of tiredness, after a deadly battle of hard work, after some wild experience of shit, after screwing up a big time! After what not? Life’s traits!

The crap that I share with them is what makes me feel better. They sooth down my painful moments just by adding up their own big screwed times. Stupid jokes, hilarious ideas, funny teasing, uncountable hangovers, irresistible bunks, longing parties, inexplicable courage, unbelievable fun! All this wouldn’t be ever possible without having our friends around. But life is wild, it will soon behave unkindly by grabbing away all our happiness, love, joy and fun by splitting us apart one day. Life sucks someday or the other. It is life after all. However, they stick to us till the end, they remain same in memory, they stay in our instincts, their reflections remain fresh every day, every time. till the end, till the death, may be more even. After all they are no ones who live in our life; they are ones who make up our life! Don’t ever miss them! They are the real treasure. :)