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Saturday, December 24, 2011

About friends is what I feel

"Tring Tringgg!! AsAMass!" I opened my eyes reluctantly hoping no change. Since many days, life became incredibly tedious. Having done my chores everyday was no fun. I felt like a complete loser. Present was always dark. I fished around my bed side to reach my cell phone, which usually sleeps with me along. It is the one which wakes me up every day with alarm. But today was a holiday. There was no alarm setup last night, so it was a text message that put me awake! Shit! My head was still dizzy, eyes were still blurry, I found my cell phone and made few clicks. It was a message. It was not from nowhere but a friend and it says “Lets hang out!”. Awe! What a day to spend. The message carried a magic on its way. The feel of hangout filled a sudden joy. A mysterious sense of pleasure. Since it had been a long time I hung around. I was completely lost from myself. I forgot many of my things until I saw that message. I was deeply drowned in my dark life. There was no fun since many days. It had been so long since I laughed out aloud though my heart. Soon I was transforming into alien to my world. But nevertheless it is not possible. There come my saviors! Friends! Lucky to have them. They remind me what I’m, hold me still from losing away myself. They’ve always been fortunate to happen in my life. They brighten up my days after a great amount of tiredness, after a deadly battle of hard work, after some wild experience of shit, after screwing up a big time! After what not? Life’s traits!

The crap that I share with them is what makes me feel better. They sooth down my painful moments just by adding up their own big screwed times. Stupid jokes, hilarious ideas, funny teasing, uncountable hangovers, irresistible bunks, longing parties, inexplicable courage, unbelievable fun! All this wouldn’t be ever possible without having our friends around. But life is wild, it will soon behave unkindly by grabbing away all our happiness, love, joy and fun by splitting us apart one day. Life sucks someday or the other. It is life after all. However, they stick to us till the end, they remain same in memory, they stay in our instincts, their reflections remain fresh every day, every time. till the end, till the death, may be more even. After all they are no ones who live in our life; they are ones who make up our life! Don’t ever miss them! They are the real treasure. :)

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