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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Prime time-Childhood

“Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies” a famous quote says. Childhood is the most wonderful time of anyone’s life. It was the time I didn’t know what a society was, what a life could be like, what a relationship could be like. I didn’t know many things about life which I know today. Only thing that I knew was to be happy. Involuntarily, I used to do things that made me happy. There was innocence towards grown ups. There was friendliness towards other kids. Only things that broke were my bones, never my heart, never!

My happiness was real; my laughter was hearty. There were no worries about my appearance; I never gave a damn about looks. I couldn’t discriminate myself with anyone around. In fact, I hardly remember how I looked that time. There were no intentions to appear good and impress anyone. There was no pretending to be someone else. That was the real me!

I used to play a thousand different games in one day, unlike now I play only one game at thousand different times. The cycling competitions with friends, silly fights, lame excuses of stomach ache to bunk off the school, fear of attending tuition, scary math teacher at school, sulking at my dad for not getting evening snacks, acting innocent in front of mom for winning the pocket money, furious fights with my brother and ending up with horrible scars and marks all over the face, pen-fights during the lunch hour at school, phony break ups with friends, triple ride on skinny bicycles, crazy gaming with WWF fancy cards and poke-mon, getting drenched in rain till the cold-fever attack and mom’s chiding after falling sick, stupid sobs for pointless issues, dad’s serious concern for my meaningless tears, unreasonable cursing at teachers for burdening home work…. All this added up to a wonderful time in my childhood. Recalling those sweet moments puts a smile on face for a life time!

Watching cartoon was great fun for me; some cartoon shows had become a part of my daily routine and I never used to miss them out. Shows like “POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN”, “SHAKTHIMAN” and “WWF CHAMPIONS” had greatly mesmerized on those days. I used to fancy myself like superheroes after watching every episode and there was real fun in doing so, pure sense of pleasure and joy! Never mind that innocence!

There were tantrums and sobs but never the sadness. There were fights and quarrels but never hurt. There were defeats, but never failures. There was humiliation, but never guilt. There was a tenacious memory but no remembrance of painful moments. There was no jealousy, discrimination, heart break or sad moments. There was only innocence that had kept me happy all that time. It was immaturity that made unaware of all earthly problems. It was the time I acted maturely unlike today with many immature thoughts that come along because of life style. I wish I could go back to that time and cherish those wonderful memories of childhood. I wish I had never grown up. I miss those all moments and that part of myself that existed.

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