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Saturday, September 29, 2012

There is this thing in all of us

There is this thing in all of us
In a moment of abundance, we neglect, start being feckless
When many surround being close, never we see care
We love so deep, yet often fail to see who deserve

There is this thing in all of us
But walking alone a day; we realize how hard it is to stay!
When we see needy cry, we pity so high
Then forget we are blessed, gifted with so much best

There is this thing in all of us
Happiness is our zeal, yet we make reasons to appeal, that money brings that feel
 Materialize everything, criticize if not our thing!
We choose to be rich and neglect how to enrich

There is this thing in all of us
We weep over days, for the lost moment always
We put up into fight, for reasons that are no right
We think before love, delaying it from now
When lost if form our hands, we think of it how?
There is this thing in all of us!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

September almighty

So here we are in September now. September bring us that happiness and joy along with spring, more importantly those powerful god ganesha’s blessings.  We celebrate the lord ganesha’s birthday with all that traditional style and ethnics. Several ganesh-mandaps can be seen all across the city, which is a revelation of huge number of worshippers of god ganesha. Bringing this eternal deity closer to our home, we immerse ourselves in a deeply -divine hobbies for a near eleven days. Next to this, follows the mesmerizing event of ganesh immersion which looks a perfect ending to this wonderful festival followed by a rather different story next day on the pollution caused due the immersion process. However, this story would be long forgotten the very next day, until this time around large goddess durgamata immersions take place, which is a follow up festival that resembles ganesh chavithi. Keeping the damage control activities aside, I want to give out a few fascinating or likely facts how things actually go around with this festival. I stay in the area where it is blessed with congestion, those narrow lanes which often be visualized easily once if you had watched SLUM DOG MILLIONIARE movie. All thanks to the director who lessened my burden for my place description. Often the place always look crammed, must say, everybody is a strong devotee or a strong believer of at least one of the gods or goddesses. I wonder if there are any atheists left over in this world anymore. Now considering everybody’s incredible faith in god, people at my place desperately like installing ganesh mandaps all over. Blocking away one full lane for eleven days, not leaving any narrow space, one that is never considered as a trouble for by passers for eleven days long. Some lanes would be stuffed with too many mandaps in a row, where the devotional music from one mandap interfering with another, resulting out a fusion of acoustic that might still slightly make an aesthetic sense in everyone’s ear drum. Blaring with blend of music and chaotic scenes everywhere, yet the prayers and love for the god stands outside the box, never a sense of impassion could be seen in any of the corners. Filled with love and divinity, people across generously supply huge donations in the name of chandas which are a form of collected donation, others who are less fortune will supply with whatever they have at homes, while some sponsor Prasad for puja others would offer their full-fledged services. Air of unity gets created around every mandap. As the days pass, it gets hard to digest the fact that every mandap has to be dismantled on 11th day every ganesh idol has be moved away and immersed into the tankbund, a lake which Hyderabad is gifted with. And the 11th day is bliss. Crowd looks all nostalgic with chores for the final day ceremony filling their schedule all up. With the band barath being the most joyous moment, every set of genre in drumming must be played and shaken a leg to. With all joy and pompous celebration, we bid farewell to the mighty god of intelligence, saving all the devotion within, saying goodbye to September! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rainy dream

When the plain sheet of paper looks upon me and shines brightest,

Pen in hand urges for its use, while I was dreaming something I never planned any further to do,

Then I hear, rain smashing fiercely on the roof!

Noise from roof creating a panicky face on my neighbors’ face, being one among them I settled to observe the fate.

Next to this blaring TV anchors reveals the killings by the deadly weather,

Prayers shivered on the mighty to calm the rainy soul by the spiritual teams,

But rain denied the requests and acted so unkind, leaving many destitute, causing damage mostly to the poor

Frightened beings gave up to the god, believing to the fullest, assuming they deserve to live

Cursed those who lost, victimized, by this unkindly act, but nothing counted as they were crumbs of nature’s act.
Rescued were some from the last breaths, who witnessed death still lucky to live further a span stretch!

That’s when revere set down and I came off from that deadly dream!

Soon I penned it down altogether as a request for peace,

Wishing never ever rain gets angry upon us, like it’s a worthy wish that can save all the souls!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

You never know what I'm really like

You never know what I’m really like!

You never know how deep I think; of the words you used to say!

You never know who I always been thinking of; when I’m lone and broken down!

You never know how high I can fly; to get your sight on every plight!

You never know what I'm really like!

You never know who I love the most; every breath that last till my death!

You never know who I always choose; to walk along to sing a song.

You never know how far go; when you hold, my hand fully bold!

You never know what I'm really like!

You never know where you stay; in my deepest heart that you never see!

You never know how my days would go; when you leave, with a shrinking smile,

You never know what I’m really like, what I really like!