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Monday, September 10, 2012

Rainy dream

When the plain sheet of paper looks upon me and shines brightest,

Pen in hand urges for its use, while I was dreaming something I never planned any further to do,

Then I hear, rain smashing fiercely on the roof!

Noise from roof creating a panicky face on my neighbors’ face, being one among them I settled to observe the fate.

Next to this blaring TV anchors reveals the killings by the deadly weather,

Prayers shivered on the mighty to calm the rainy soul by the spiritual teams,

But rain denied the requests and acted so unkind, leaving many destitute, causing damage mostly to the poor

Frightened beings gave up to the god, believing to the fullest, assuming they deserve to live

Cursed those who lost, victimized, by this unkindly act, but nothing counted as they were crumbs of nature’s act.
Rescued were some from the last breaths, who witnessed death still lucky to live further a span stretch!

That’s when revere set down and I came off from that deadly dream!

Soon I penned it down altogether as a request for peace,

Wishing never ever rain gets angry upon us, like it’s a worthy wish that can save all the souls!

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