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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They take us so long!

Never been in the world, that showed me all real

Hazy was it all, a pious hope was all I had

Fairly land I thought, caught up on the false

Had this dream of shit, to impress all I greet

Fearing all the way, putting on different shoes, thrilling them to win. Then,

Something held me back, coaching through the path, pulling on to track.

Walking in our shoe, they take us so long, despite all the flaws

Way too long as it goes, such it not so far, never give a damn,

About the measure of the walk, or distance of the path or the rate that it has 

It knocks sense to all, to take our own stand that is so tall, tallish up till as we dream!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shoot it like a champ!

Teaching myself prayers, that are written by the nature
Wising me long, cleansing all the dark that had struck with the past

Yet I know what I feel that never felt before all by the deepest of the heart
Gentle is the time, savior of my fall, held me up as I’m strong

Drowned in the dimness, such labor was I, under the delusion of sanity
Clearing all the dark, I see it as the world, that is different from I thought

Pain is like a sword that sweeps off all the crap that makes us so damn!
It is no such bad, nothing to be sad, as it only flows like a river that washes off filth that smearing all the thoughts!

It’s a battle of life, between one and the pain
Taking all the blows, it only looks hard yet the loser is pain

Kick it with all smiles, and shoot it with laughter coz the winner in the end is the one kicks more and shoots like a champ!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Game that we rule

Sportsmen are honorable persons in almost in every country. That’s why I perhaps formed a great liking for sports. Since childhood I had a dream of being one of the  sportsmen. Never gave much of a thought to choose one though. I happened to form a great interest in sports which in turn would have been my passion today if I had given a serious attempt to one. 

That’s not where it ends if we happened to have liking for something and not fulfilled the desire to accomplish it, this madness still continues and ceases to leave us with time, though it disappears in a while, still pokes us back.I fulfill most of the desires of playing sports through this fascinating and the most well known game of FOOTBALL. I often turn sporty with ambition that pushes me up for playing.

To begin with, a nearly culture of playing football has emerged in the first year of my engineering. We, ECE gamers gave a new definition to football by our own standards and norms. We teamed up into a bunch of players started off with a discovery of new game that brought it up to the basketball court of my college. I remember the day one as kicking a volleyball which was evidently in the basketball court; quite literally we never cared to study the game details, instead we loved kicking the ball as furiously as we could. Every one of us instinctively agreed upon the rules that were laid by ourselves and they became universally acceptable in our own world.  

Although it is our crazy practice of playing FOOTBALL in basketball court, it is a game of its kind that fascinates us. The rules we set forth are forever convincing if football had really been invented in the size of basket ball court. Two 3-pointer lines of the court have been assigned for goal posts, also chosen to be a penalty area with our creative minds.
Much of it would seem silly and stupid. I wonder how many passersby would laugh at our game looking at us in basketball court that literally deserves a shout of laughter. But we as a team treat it as a spiritual game, fighting for the win, going on ranting upon each other for the foul play, spurting for goals, admiring our skillful moves, cheering on every goal like crazy sports pros. We surely have a thing for this game that built the energies and sportiness for all these days. No matter what silly protocols, rules, standards and codes we hooked up to, we call it FOOTBALL. Never mind the standards!

Ever since we took up the game, we learned to pick up our own place in the game and each one of us nurtured a unique style of playing that I categorized with my little observation being a part of it.

- Sahil kaul (Striker, well determined player and the initiator)
- Vinay Kumar(Well defined header specialist and a hysterical running being a weak  point)
- Vivek Ranka(Flexible player, defense come striking)
- Varma nagendra (Header specialist, weak willed yet sensible goalie)
- Praneeth (Strong defender, with built-in goalie skills)
- Srinivas(Defender, strikes a fear in opposition with his built, good at holding his            ground)
- Two Nithins M/K (The busiest players, often uses phone in the field, Versatility is their style of gaming)
- Shiva Kumar (A newbie in the recent times, an inquisitive learner)
- Dominic Luther (Deserves a fair-play award, consistency is his style. Spices up the game with Humor, hysterical kicking is one of his traits, crucial footballer without whom the game would be incomplete for us)
and I ( Being categorized into a striker due to lack of defending skills!)

All in all, our grouping for the game makes me feel amazing and pleasant always. Togetherness we have been carrying through since past 2 years is ever cherishing. I propose a vote of thanks to each one of the group for being with me on and off the field, also to all who had been joining into the game once in a while and making it complete! 

Cheers to sportsmanship!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Spend to shine!

 It lapsed like a bubble, blameless was the time
 Stepping into a tune, rhythm was built in every heartbeat!
Time run so fast, deep are our hearts
Loose was the mind, thought everything was mine,
Yet the change is so sharp, stinging so hard leaving hideous scar.
Cruel is the time, plunging like I’m crime
Cutting all the joy, making mirthless in the world
Heaving to the dark, blinding to a thing that needed no care
Fighting like a freak, as a habit of fail.
Everything under the sun, despite pain or a stain, must and should sustain!
Because life has to be lain, with nothing to blame as it meant to be spent in the shine!