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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shoot it like a champ!

Teaching myself prayers, that are written by the nature
Wising me long, cleansing all the dark that had struck with the past

Yet I know what I feel that never felt before all by the deepest of the heart
Gentle is the time, savior of my fall, held me up as I’m strong

Drowned in the dimness, such labor was I, under the delusion of sanity
Clearing all the dark, I see it as the world, that is different from I thought

Pain is like a sword that sweeps off all the crap that makes us so damn!
It is no such bad, nothing to be sad, as it only flows like a river that washes off filth that smearing all the thoughts!

It’s a battle of life, between one and the pain
Taking all the blows, it only looks hard yet the loser is pain

Kick it with all smiles, and shoot it with laughter coz the winner in the end is the one kicks more and shoots like a champ!

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