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Sunday, March 17, 2013

trust worthy?

Be careful of what you speak, they will understand you
Be careful of who you see, they will distract you
Be careful of who you hear, they may misguide you
Be careful of who you TRUST, they may CHEAT YOU

Trust! A simple feeling, but has a greater impact in our lives. You know what? You wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place if you had no trust in my writings, or someway you trust something in me that led you till here to read something of mine. That’s trust.

Last week I was going home by bike alone in the midnight. It was almost deserted all around, and silence prevailed all over with human sleeping was going just into deeper state. Suddenly, in the middle of the road one stranger was waving his hand asking for a lift along the road I was furthering. It was almost like streets have been wiped out by some catastrophic incident and I couldn’t see much of the human form anywhere around. Besides this, my stranger carried a look of a giant pig, with hair drooping over his back, swollen eyes which seemed to be either because of he was drunk or born with abnormality.

I was about 15 meters away and this guy’s picture was getting bigger in size while I was closing towards him. I couldn’t decide whether to help this poor guy in the middle of the road or to leave him considering my own safety in Hyderabad. We had wild terrorist attacks across the country, reasonable number of bomb blasts, uncountable cases of kidnapping, brutal gang rapes and mugging incidents. Hyderabad is no less for all these occurrences. Thinking of this, all of a sudden his presence looked frightful and menacing. One part of my brain was telling me to help this man and other part of it was saying not to trust anyone. And I couldn’t help him because I didn’t have Trust? Such a feeling is TRUST.

TRUST is illogical, we trust somebody they break it. If we don’t trust people, we cannot survive. It’s a blind feeling we all have to live with to live life. We have to TRUST a doctor, we have to trust a bus driver, and we have to trust a person in everyday to live life. There is no other way round. We have to live with it. On an end note I can only say we can all be careful, but not cynical. Remember being skeptical is different from being cynical. It is easy to break TRUST, but it takes years to build TRUST between people. Ultimately, one must also remember a BROKEN-TRUST is IRREPARABLE. Trust self, be trustworthy.  

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