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Friday, March 8, 2013

She lost it all with just a smile

Her face lit up. It was a moment, her cheeks raised impeccably high with deep dimples forming a perfect outlay of her face contours. It was a moment; her eyes squinted with curvy freckles one either sides around her eyes. Her nose stood like a golden craft placed above those widened glossy lips. That was a moment of her SMILE. Rich smile, priceless, magnificent or breathtaking. None of the adjectives would best describe it.
That smile always either brought a tearing envy or a subliminal joy in those who were around her. It was inspiring, captivating and much of it was domineering. Her smile was a showering tool that spread unquestionable bliss that had a power to even free a prisoner in extreme slavery. Those who were caught in glimpse of her smile were arrested in the eternal grin. 

It wasn’t a smile of a cursory greeting, nor was it an attempt to grab attention or impress any of her audience. That smile wasn’t her trait just in physical; rather, it was innate and driven by deep cardinal muscles which were only filled by love, affection and care. She carried nothing but a smile. A real smile... 

Next had come an evil that was sweeping many; bunch of people who carried nothing but a disheveled grief. Their envy just broke everything of her smile. They robbed it altogether, filling too much of malign. She sensed nothing of the occurrence, nor was she aware of the evil that had come inside. This left a gloomy story further ahead. She had lost that precious gift that was incredibly inherent. She now smiles the same, yet it brings the shame. She fakes it now, causes a feeling of a lost-love. 

This leaves a gloomy story for all of us with a lesson ahead. A lesson to save that gift we all possess for a life time. She lost it all with just a smile. Just a smile that made all the difference… Just a smile that defined her best.

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