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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Choice of obssessions!

Life is full of choices. Some choices appear best only once after we make them. Some choices make us regret, while some give us confusion. Such a choice was made by me a few years ago that led me go through a life with full of twists and turns which is by far the most confusing part of my life. My life in JNTU College. Day one of my college, I was looking at it from a different lens. Along with my mediocre aptitudes I carried huge expectations, which were shattered or rather destroyed by the way my college presented itself in front of my wistful thinking. I had to drop fantasies which I had set earlier, start to digest the realities I faced, accept the standards I had to go through and enjoy the life with compromises that had come along. 

If there is anything that I need to start with, that would be about TEXT CHATTING. It became an obsession in my first year of college. In what way it has intrigued me was unknown to me, but I remember I was engaged in constant chatting on phone most often to distract myself from disappointments that college had brought in. This obsession continued throughout my first year. I have nothing to mention but chatting, low grades in math, amateurish behavior with fellow friends and lack of understanding towards life…That’s the way I was in first year. First year was finished pretty soon with attendance in class as first time ever. To top it all off there was no fresher’s party from our seniors which led to a party celebrated by ourselves and we called it with a name ITRUM which nearly too about 6 months to remember the name for me. Mention of ragging and about seniors would likely take another long story that brings a bitter shock and creates a trauma who had gone through it. 

By second year I understood every nook and corner of the college, conduct of exams and most importantly the conduct of management which is one thing that gets me on nerves even today. Result of exams was likely to be unpredictable almost all the time. Nobody really understood whether they really deserved the scores they achieved. Often students either used to get disappointed getting low scores in a few subjects or shocked to see high scores in the other. However, they used to balance out in the end though correction of papers lacked a bit of genuinty as we believed. Second year had finally ended with my interests surging towards sports that led to another obsession which I still carried out of college. Finally, there was an end to it with fresher’s party bringing an “ELIXIR” party which literally meant a life-healer. We hoped it really healed our lives further.

By the start of third year I was termed and treated as “day scholar” which I realized soon after I was being told and taught rigorously, however it only meant I come under studious category as assumed by most students in college. By third year we also came to know many things like canteen lacks a lot of facilities even after its renovation, management takes no responsibility in informing students of the schedule of events that take place in future, playing football or table tennis is the only entertainment that we could get in college, fifty percent of events and fests would suck by one way or the other, how much collecting the hall ticket a day before the exam is important, we pay development fee still there can’t be much of the development seen with it except that we needed to pay one extra challan for it all by standing in a huge crowd in a tiny bank that is present in far-end of college and finally we understood was we joined in JNTU. Degrading our own college seemed to be a habit we picked and half our time would have gone in talking cheap and downside of college. Its like almost every student had hated it vehemently.

Still not ended with third year, it stood very precious in my life. It almost brought in all the pieces of interests together, cleared off most confusions of life and a new obsession had finally begun that changed most part of my life. A new love was formed for learning English, soon it led me go dive in it deeper than I expected. This ensured to give me a good awareness towards English and completely fell in love in learning it further and further. This article from me couldn’t have really been possible to write if I hadn’t pursed my graduation in JNTU, credit goes to college indeed. Friends who were formed were a clear match with my interests which incredibly multiplied my interest….Final year was one thing I sought to mention in another article where I introduce my actual b.tech lyfe. :D

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