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Sunday, May 13, 2012


I believe change is something we cannot accept at first sight. For most of us change is unpleasant, annoying and frustrating. Not for the change that it brings to life, but for what it takes away things that we owned for a long time. For what it is unacceptable to leave something we had accepted completely. It is horribly unacceptable when a close friend leaves for a far place. It is totally depressing to leave people with whom we already made some connection or that formed involuntarily.

It’s funny that plenty of things automatically surround our life style no matter where we stay in. Things creep slowly into our life with a very little acceptance.  How little they seem in the start, soon we let them into our lives and we never know what they really mean to us. They become massive and could only be seen when the time demands us to sacrifice them. The worst part out of all is to sacrifice that we had accepted all the days.   

But none would value the present as long as it is unchanged. Present would shine its best once it has to be kept into past and once future dreads close. Future however is always dreadful when seen under the lens of present. For most of it, present is born from change itself. Unfortunately life is full of changes, many call them challenges, there is nothing like a challenge facing a change. Accepting a change is as easy as pie when there is no finality in it. But every change comes with a full stop to one set of a life style.

Life demands change. Not only it demands, but also it brings out a new person from us who would shine in mirror. While at once change is inconceivably welcoming if such is one of our likings. While the change is harsh and brutal in the cases we have to sacrifice those likings, other is it looks like a pleasantry in the times of suffering.  Yet none would have control over it, instead reacting to it is only what we have all learned today. Such is the human, a reactor of change rather than a controller. Change is inevitable, so as the consequences that it bring up to us. Life without change is unacceptable too. It is made of so many episodes. While some episodes end up tragically, other end up joyfully. Shift from one to one is either delightful or mournful. For who prepare for it is always delightful for who not is always mournful. So forgive the change, accept the change, be the change!

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