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Sunday, December 2, 2012

End of semester

A semester comes to an end. It also means end of regular classes, labs, canteen food intakes, regular bunking to the class and the most important one, funny moments with friends.  It is surprising that, most days of our lives seem mediocre and quiet ordinary, but finally when the day comes where we are compelled to shift the gears of life; then memories of those days appear closer and more cherishable. It took this entire semester for me to learn new things and new skills. In fact, each semester of B.tech had taught me one big deal of a thing in its own way. Hardly have I remembered anything as much as I remember the 7th semester of engineering. Hard it is to explain what part of it has transformed me, but I love to recall its head to tail details that introduced me to a very different number of things that I hardly expected.

 It all had started with the name of classes which had clashes mostly with the placement time. Prestigious college is mine, as it termed has it already intimated companies coming by the month of august, that’s when the mid exams of that semester were about to begin. Discussions soon had begun with placement being a big confusion as which company comes first and which one’s next. Placement officers and coordinators were amongst who had most of the confusion, announced each student gets to choose only one company as it was a recession time. Big time sucks! All the hopes went down, and the feeling of top most college student get to choose only company was the fact that hurt most of the students. Somehow, we got over it. Companies came by, threw away a mixture of feelings, one being tough at written exams and the other being rigorous at interviews, yet all remained IT firms. Rejected were dejected, selected were elated. Partying started after, at first  reason being happy for getting the job, next it all ended as a tradition for securing jobs. Happiness became a piece of banality for that matter. Other side of it was incessantly running classes and lab sessions. Attending English lab was pure fun, as unlike the other labs of my engineering, english lab appeared something built for me. Regular classes remained unimportant, as they were most of the time overshadowed by placements. The semester also remained as a big time for students, as they really needed to stand against their decision of higher studies and some had to risk taking chances to stay off the placements. Then comes my time, I got placed into one too. The feeling of getting selected into companies was finally taken over me for an instance, also faded away soon as the days have gone far off my interview day.

Finally, time has changed; it had to shift all our thought from joyous moment to thoughts of exam. Which was by far the most difficult job than the job that pays highest of salaries in my college. It was a change from choosing which restaurant for partying to which book for studying. Only saving grace we had was number of subjects this time was 6 unlike previous semesters always had 8 subjects, with our broken interest we couldn’t have managed to take more than that. All thanks to the curriculum designers for that matter. It was this semester I saw for the first time many in my college were not sincere nor seriously dedicated and a little reluctant about studies. This was one aspect I didn’t get to see until this semester. That’s why I see this semester as a life changer. 

However, I did well in the end exam which is something I should stress a little as it was more unlikely in my case during the journey of engineering.All in all, semester has put an end to my standard engineering life style, also has set up a new beginning for the near future. It has crossed a line between dreadful 2012 and fresh start of 2013. Unsure whether the world ends this year, but sure a new world would begin for me and my friends from 2013. Lets welcome a fresh start. All the best mates! 

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