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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Caught by the surprise

I fell sick last night abruptly. After brainstorming for a while I realized the reason for my suffering came from watching a movie that morning. Sounds strange, isn't it? But true. I watched a movie made in pure south Indian style, which had a bountiful of drama that killed me bit by bit both mentally and physically. Going by its meaningless story-line, irrelevant characters, unorthodox dialogues made me quiet exhaustive for the day and took me two days to feel normal again. And not to mention its inconclusive climax daunted me twice in my dreams. Initially, I was a bit surprised by the fact weather a movie can make one sick, but then I concluded its possibility when finally my friend too fell sick later by  the other movie.  He too was tormented brutally by a cinematic influence on his mind. Thanks to directors for that matter.

I may be so hard on with this description of movies, yet it is only because I’m still a movie-goer, still like spending time in watching movies. Not a die-hard fan of movies though. I make it to a point that the cinema making today has shrunk to different level, to a different approach, to a different intention of direction and productions, where the difference has struck to just film making, not to provide entertainment. Entertainment which is the very need for the audience went missing or long forgotten by the filmmakers. I’m not proclaiming at any point how a film should be made, nor do I know anything regarding that. As a layman I seek entertainment, at least much worth the ticket price I paid for, if not less to it. Yet I seek not as a way of risking to ruin my mental exhilaration nor do I wish to deteriorate the thoughts I preserve. Nor I want to let them prevail in my dreams.

 Wishing to grant entertainment in movies, I now sign off!

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