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Friday, July 13, 2012

Reservation beast!

Reservation!  A system for which I can’t stop being against for a life long time. It is the worst thing that has crawled up into our system, as a political entity but not just a mere help for the needy. To bank the votes, reservation has been a weapon for many politicians, who just not bothered to think over the shortcomings in future, to top it off, they start hiding faces during the time of protest. Reservation is more or less like a segregation of social class, whether or not they are enough people to see in that perspective and protest against it. I believe today, protest against reservation is not too strong enough because who are benefited are living up silently and who took the blow are ones who raise a voice over it, but majority seems to be the ones who benefited, resulting a weaker protest. Furthermore, if beneficiaries are more, protesters are less, which is what still keeps the reservation system alive. But one must also see the consequences of such benefits. Overlooking it, we are dreading such an outcome of quality that can evaluate only under the segregation but not as a whole. As Indians we all claim we leading a brotherly living with different classes and cultural diversities, but aren’t we all pushing ourselves down in the name of reservation. I wonder if there would be an emerging new class of people who claim to say belonging to unreserved class. I disapprove the reservation system first for the fact it raises a caste dissimilarities, which we always have to be oblivious and forgetful about such barriers. Calling attention to caste dissimilarity is no less than accounting and exaggerating the differences between ourselves. Fact that reservation has been introduced initially based on caste was since some social classes in society were leading a backward life and many were destitute. But things have changed in the mean time, we are so assorted now today that none is poor based on caste anymore, instead, there two left out classes in society. Poor and rich! Reservation further supports rich and deteriorates poor. Rich indulges more and more where as poor endures and strive for the basic necessities. So the reservation based on caste is purely political entity today. In fact, we are well aware that how political parties are cashing away and luring the people for vote, by using the caste as prey. We certainly need leaders of people, but not politicians of caste minded. We need rulers who win the hearts, not votes. System has certain flaws, Reservation based on caste is one of them weather we agree or not today, one day surely we will! 

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  1. nice thought provoking article dude... I mostly agree with your opinions and partly disagree. Reservation is not completely waste..you told things have changed but it is not true.. you are living in a state capital and so assume that things have changed...reservation was introduced because of the mistakes made by the upper class people in the past with customs like untouchability which still exists in India which is a shame....it was essential at that time when it was introduced..but yeah politicians are clever enough to exploit the circumstances and gain votes...so they kept on increasing the reservation... this system will not change unless the barriers of caste are removed that is deep rooted in the minds of people..