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Saturday, March 3, 2012

When tear brings a smile!

Walking by the shore, a tear rolls down by my cheek

Baffled when it spoke, asked me “why you pour me out?” 

Said I “I’m lonely in this world, nothing could I get, billions in this world yet none is like my friend”

It sniggered at my thought, like an absurd thing I said and answered what it felt

“Mourning every day, would neither give you friend nor get you what you like

Smiling when in pain, is all you have to learn,

Live up like the one that billions miss in pain; do everything you want in a way that chases you to get!

Short is every life, make it into large enough to fades out billions’ tears!”

While I’m catching everything, sea surges to my feet, wetting all my face, drained off the tear, that occurred to my cheek.

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