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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not just about living life...it's about loving life!

Bang! Back with a bang! This time it was in goa I had a blast with my buddies. I, not only brought an experience of a new place this time but also an everlasting memory that should be cherished forever. Every minute I spent there, counts to my life’s wonderful experience and would become an invaluable time frame. The whole week had been like a celebration of life. We were dipped in a state of ecstasy all the way long.

Crazy maddening fun lasted everyday during the stay in goa. The place had blown all the worries and took us to a new world of pleasure. I feasted my eyes on those spectacular beaches occupied by fun loving blokes, sandy sea shores and those pacy sea waves surging up and down eternally. The place surely had filled a great deal of excitement in every tick of my clock.

Those extraordinary evening walks along the beach side play with the waves, dining that went on boozing spree, futile arguments in the state of intoxication. Those funny remarks on chintu, unreasonable hive-fives with soofi, frenzied behavior of rajj in a drunken state, that honest wine shop keeper, soofi’s unbelievable progress :P(I named him as progress man), unforgettable cottage we stayed in, loss of raju’s spectacles into the sea in an attempt to play, never ending guessing game played during the journey, the loan that was not repaid to the tamil guy, talk with Ashok who was even though uncommunicative but still was informative, deadly experience of parasailing, bookings with Alex( Care taker of cottage), Dinner at Manisha( butter chicken in every order we made), Sagara kinnera ( Where we only had chosen to have breakfast) bike ride till patam beach, the fine we paid for not wearing helmets, beautiful sand cake finished using ATM card,  Ice cream walks, dirtied room with sand, watch on the cricket series (supporting Bangladesh), chintu’s clumsy poses to camera and those languished knee hurts left with marks for that rough football matches in the sand which would never disappear. All these wonderful moments remain fresh and enlarge my happiness every time I recall them.

All in all, it was the best time I had spent with my best buddies for the first time out of town. My visit to Goa made me realize how lucky I’m to have friends. Perhaps, the best moments can only be felt only when the best people are around, not when you are at best place. So, go catch a bus or train or plane to Goa before your best ones get busy!! You’d love life instead of just living life!


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  1. sexaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy man.................

    funny and it feels hilairious........