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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fact about Fever

Once in a while many of us suffer from fever. Usually, it is not at all scary to fall sick of fever, because it is the most commonly occurring condition in humans. No matter how much ever one is careful about his/her health; fever attacks are very common and almost inevitable in oscillating climatic conditions. At least 9 out of 10 would certainly think of PARACETOMOL to get rid of fever.
Although being in fever state is awful and gives that unpleasant state of feeling, it somehow takes us into unusual world where things go seemingly different than they go in routine.
There is nothing much one can do when hit by fever sickness. Brain becomes almost dumb to think of anything making us appear as a worldly patient. There are few facts that caught my attention when I fell sick in the recent times.
Parents take care of us more than ever in lifetime. They pay extra attention and over protection during sickness time. They behave as though they are in our service all the time.
At least five of our relatives or friends would know about our sickness where mother act as a broadcast media channel for sick-news.
Coconut water becomes a special beverage which of course has no preference as much as cool drink in non-sickness state.
Sleep becomes the only reliving job and when awake staring at walls becomes amusing task. At least five new things could be sighted in our own house which we hadn’t ever observed being healthy.
Detaching from bedside seems painful even for a visit to a doctor. At the doctor’s place, no body appears healthy. Everybody puts on a patient’s face to maintain the uniformity with actual patients.
Popping tablets a turns into habit after few spells, having meal becomes a hard routine, taking bath indeed not to mention would be skipped forever.

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